Heather Higgins

Heather Higgins
After Massachusetts: Now What?
By Heather Higgins
The lessons of Massachusetts are not quite as obvious as they first appeared. The election holds a cautionary tale ...
February 01, 2010
Obama's Schadenfreude
By Heather Higgins
The seeming indifference of this Administration to the steady and precipitous decline of the market since President Obama’s election should ...
February 23, 2009
How McCain Can Get His Mojo Back
By Heather Higgins
In the wake of financial upheaval, McCain’s prospects have plummeted. The campaign’s response has not helped – erratic, desperate ...
October 07, 2008
Conflict of Visions
By Heather Higgins
Unlike the days of debates about lipstick comments and flag pins, the past week has been dominated by major issues. ...
October 01, 2008
Unconventional Wisdom
By Heather Higgins
Of all the names thrown about as potential VP candidates for Sen. McCain, Governor Palin was the only one who ...
September 08, 2008
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