Change or Die: Fighting Radical Islam

Posted: Feb 05, 2007 12:00 AM
Change or Die: Fighting Radical Islam

I left the U.S. on my way to sunny South Africa for a conference a week ago. During my day long stopover in London, I read the most shocking headline, Young British Muslims Get More Radical. This article made three amazing pronouncements based a study done by a UK-based think tank:

• 1 out of 8 young British Muslims admire Al-Qaeda

• 40% want Sharia law in Britain

• 75% want women to wear veils.

The article was of special interest to me because I had just attended a briefing concerning "the threat" of modern Islam. The summit leaders emphasized that the conflict between Islam and the West would increase in intensity over the next few years. The advance of Islamic political influence in the West must be fought aggressively because of its close association with terrorism.

The article’s concluded that younger Muslim Britons are becoming more radical, but also that many second generation UK citizens do not see England as a secular “promised land” for their people. In fact, radical young Muslims want to set up self-ruling enclaves where Sharia law would supercede the laws of England.

If Sharia law were allowed to reign in a Muslim "ghetto" within London, grizzly practices of amputations, beheadings, and other unthinkable atrocities would be carried out in the name of justice. Radicals would attempt to take over the nation - one community at a time. They would use bully politics and intimidation to push their agenda. For example, we marveled at the threats against the Pope last year because he alluded to Islam's irrational, violent behavior. Widespread acceptance of Sharia law within the UK would simply fuel this conflict. The UK must resist this kind of vigilante justice. It would be worse than allowing the KKK to set up an alternative court system in downtown Atlanta or Los Angeles.

Many are willing to give into "cultural differences" because they fear the consequences of denying radical Islamic requests. In addition, UK leaders are fearful of appearing prejudiced. Despite the timid responses of both local and national government, a showdown has already begun. Just two days after this article appeared, police uncovered an alleged plot to behead a British soldier who happens to be Muslim.

During the skirmish, the suspect is reported to have described a young soldier as a “traitor,” adding that "he should have his head chopped off." After authorities questioned the nine men who were arrested, detectives discovered computer files that are said to contain images of western hostages being executed by Al-Qaeda sympathizers. Some of the material seems to be linked to extremist Islamic websites which call British Muslims in the military "collaborators" and that they should be "punished for fighting their Muslim brothers."

Four of the detainees are reported to have visited Islamic extremists at a Pakistan terrorist training camp. It is thought that the plot to kidnap and then film the torture and execution of a Muslim soldier was contrived at that camp.

The average westerner has not fully understood the either the violence or complexity of the Islamic worldview. Politics and faith are inextricably connected in the mind of an Islamic radical.

In Christianity, governments are charged with waging wars, while individuals are called to a lifestyle of personal peace and nonviolence. Conversely, many Muslims have taken up the call to personal violence as art of their faith. Therefore, suicide bombings, rioting, persecution of non-believers, and other atrocities are all part of their personal choices.

This clash of worldviews is further complicated for most Britons because they believe in the same melting pot concept that Americans believe - that all cultures can be mixed together to form something beautiful, something new. The problem with multi-culturalism is that it ignores the fact that every nation needs its own unifying set of values, principles, and corporate "soul."

There is a widespread disconnect between the current cultural reality and way the UK would like to treat people. At a recent conference on World Civilization-Clash of Civilizations, the problem of traditional, English thinking was exposed. Several of the participants wrongly described Islamic terror attacks as "reprisal events." In their thinking, these violent outbursts need to be understood rather than condemned. Even the mayor of London has become a proponent of this theory. He has gone as far as to host receptions for radical Islamic theologians like Yusuf al-Qardawi. (A cleric who believes Muslims must not hesitate to use their children as human bombs).No other minority in England would be allowed to spout off such incendiary rhetoric.

Here are some of the factors that complicate the inclusive posture of the UK:

• 1 in 20 Londoners are of mixed race.

• Over 300 languages are spoken in London.

• 62 % of today's Londoners are not UK-born - this implies that immigrants do not have a lot of English history to draw upon as they learn the strange new ways of the British world headquarters.

In this context, how can anyone single out one group and call them evil? Conversely, one immigrant group should not dominate the entire nation. Radical Islam is a unique threat to the freedoms that the average Briton has come to accept.

It's time for America to learn from the problems we see exhibited in the UK. The U.S. must be more vigilant than ever before to inform our citizens of the threat that radical Islam holds to our entire way of life. I am thankful that FOX and other cable networks are producing specials which give hard facts about the world in which we live. The social climate in America appears to be only five or six years behind the UK. Let's change now! Let's resist the advance of radical Islam by speaking truth about its motives.