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Several big city mayors and a few governors have been and will be visiting Washington DC to try to get bailout help for their cities and states. Regardless of whether Congress answers their pleas, these government officials should be greeted with the same skepticism as has greeted the auto makers. They should also be greeted with a question not necessary for the auto makers.


Here are the questions that should be asked:

1. Mr. or Ms. Mayor or Governor, do you support and endorse the laws of the United States of America?

2. Mr. or Ms. Mayor or Governor, does your city or state have sanctuary city laws?

3. Mr. or Ms. Mayor or Governor, did you bring along a plan that demonstrates how you will be self supporting and self sustaining if we provide you with loans or create public works jobs for your communities?

The correct legislative positions are easy:

1. If you do not support and endorse the laws of the United States of America and/or are a sanctuary city (or tolerate them within your state), thank you for coming. When you change your mind, give us a ring.

2. If you are spending more than your citizens are willing to pay in taxes and have no verifiable plan to correct the imbalance, when you develop a viable solution, give us a ring.

The Federal legislative roles are pretty self-evident. It is unacceptable for cities and states not to cooperate with the Federal government with respect to immigration issues and equally unacceptable for any governmental entity to be fiscally imprudent. Those making the requests should both be required to comply with and support the laws of our country and operate with balanced budgets prior to getting dollar one or be left to solve their own problems. Why would the Federal government provide funds to cities or states that pass local laws that impede the ability of the United States to enforce Federal law?


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