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Marxists and Muslims, United? Searching for ONE Good Liberal

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What IS the Obama doctrine? Is there a stated goal at all? How can he be against "nation-building" and our “policing the world,” and then justify turning around and creating no fly zones and launching missiles into sovereign nations?

I have long been troubled by the parallel tactics between the radical Islamists and Marxist-Leninists. Several factors in common begin with the basic demand (actually faithful belief) that the world will ultimately go their way and that the US is the only thing standing in their way. When you add that the "dog-eating" President holds the similar third world view--that the US is in the way of progress for "developing nations"--it is easy to see why he is sympathetic with these revolutions. That obtuse notion that one can gain only by repressing others was popularized by Marx and is taught in all of our Universities. That it is wrong, and is of no consequence to the liars who operate on it. Nevertheless, it is chilling to see an American President evidently uniting in purpose with Marxists and radical Islamists against the interests of our nation.

United in being our enemy, there is little doubt that both Marxists and Islamists love the tactic of creating conflict. This is a Leninist tactic based on the Marxian belief that nature moves toward order and that any chaos will set the stage for a result that will be better than what preceded it. So stir up enough useful idiots and you can set the stage for a crisis that you can "use". This is what we are seeing today all over North Africa and what is now spreading to Pakistan and beyond.

It is truly stunning to see this administration embarrass themselves with their mind-boggling displays of tone deafness, utter incompetence and subsequent deadpan delivery of corrections devoid of any apologies.


 The "brilliant" Hilary Clinton addressed the World by effectively taking the first slash at free speech. She did to the glee of, if not on behalf of the Islamists who want to kill American liberty. To even dignify the idiotically wrong intelligence that a video played any role was a fundamental betrayal of the American way. Her over the top rhetorical assault on speech that she referenced as "however hateful," was akin to blaming the victim for the rape. She was 100% wrong in reporting that the video was to blame. It is horrifying, and raises serious questions.

Are we to assume that Clinton, Obama and American intelligence rely on Libyan news reports about why an Embassy is attacked? Do we not have any intelligence on the ground? How about the beneficiaries of our military aid in support of their coups? Can these geniuses not get any intelligence from the leaders of these North African nations? How about some defense of our embassies? Obama’s failure to extract any dividends from his unilateral investment of American military resources into that much nation-building is either a stunning showing of utter incompetence, or a stunning revelation of his sinister goals.

Despite Obama's apparently concerted effort to relieve Jimmy Carter from his record as the most pathetically incompetent President in all aspects of policy foreign and domestic, the "47%" appear to be ready to re-elect him. That is possibly the reason to most be afraid. Could we actually have reached the tipping point of Senator Phil Gramm's metaphor in that those "riding in the wagon" outnumber those "pulling the wagon"?


Obama is buffered by the mainstream media that protects him by refusing to question him on his failures.  They prefer to viciously attack Romney on his words and not his policies. More troubling, is that while Obama's polices signal disaster for America, where is the liberal defense of the things true "liberals" used to care about like free speech, or free religious expression? 

What about the right of a Coptic Christian whose homeland has been stolen by 7th Century religious zealots to create a cheesy video about his view of the man the radicals are following? Whatever happened to their "willingness to defend to the death" the right of people to speak their minds?

Are there no honest liberals who will lead the criticism on this administration's witting or unwitting aid in the expansion of religious zealotry and destruction of free speech?

Not one?

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