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The 3-2-1 Plan, and Focus on the Economy Makes Romney President

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It’s a brisk summer day in the state of Ohio. The old main street diner in each town is buzzing with the regular coffee drinkers and inane conversations that happen there every day. If you take a peek out the window however you won’t be able to glance down the street without seeing peppered yard signs about Mitt Romney or President Obama. This is just the beginning of the storm of activity that is sure to overtake Ohio in the coming months as every small town should turn into another pro Romney franchise.

I predict his stops in the battleground state of Ohio in the coming months will be plentiful and fruitful. Like John Wooden or Vince Lombardi, nothing can be won without a solid game-plan or strategy, Mitt Romney has this in mind as he has set out to take the White House with the state of Ohio playing a critical role. The Romney strategy is simple and it goes like this, “3-2-1”.

Step “3”: Romney plans to take back three states that have historically gone Republican. Those states are Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia. We will see many campaign stops in these states as a way to shore up and secure them. While Romney campaigning in these states will help, the biggest help might be from President Obama. If the economy continues to drift downward due to “Obama big government and uncertainty syndrome,” then these states will most assuredly vote for anyone BUT President Obama. This is the easiest path for Governor Romney in securing the 270 electoral votes for the White House.

Step “2”: I refer back to the opening paragraph. The state of Ohio will see numerous stops by the Romney campaign. In step two of the Romney plan they have set out on winning the two states of Ohio and Florida. These states have been vital in past elections and really can singlehandedly decide an election. Electoral votes are everything. Florida and Ohio are worth a combined 47 electoral votes. This will be what I consider the most significant step in taking back the White House. These two states went for Obama in 2008, but as stated earlier with terrible economic conditions that currently exist and President Obama’s economic track record and time spent in these states, they are well within Romney’s grasp.

Step “1”: This part would seem simple. All Romney has to do is win at least one of these states; Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or New Hampshire. For the most part these states have leaned to the left in previous Presidential elections making the task somewhat difficult. However, New Mexico, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania all currently have Republican Governors. As November nears the Romney camp should have a good idea of what states on this list to concentrate on. I would keep my eye on Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The plan above is straight forward and simple - very similar to plans put forth by great coaches such as Vince Lombardi and John Wooden. The key going forward is execution. Romney and his staff will have to attack at the right locations with the right message. The economy is broken, Obama made it significantly worse, and Obama is unable and unwilling to fix it.

So while the unemployed, under-employed and economically disgruntled voters sit at the local diner, drinking their coffee (because they can’t afford a slice of pie) and discussing the current events and economic and financial burdens, let’s all hope for the future of our country, that when it comes down to election day, they will vote with their pocket books and their future financial security in mind!          

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