The Housing Recovery is as Real as Obama Scandals are Phony

Posted: Jul 27, 2013 12:01 AM

I apologize for the cheering crowd at Knox College in Illinois. Seems the mass exodus from Illinois (Ala Detroit) left behind the economically challenged, and liberally indoctrinated; although a group of them did end up in the White House.

Obama saved the auto industry? Tell that to The FORD Motor Company. Obama saved the UAW from the fate of Detroit City retirees. How? Obama violated two hundred years of established bankruptcy law.

Government retirees have been put on notice that federal law may supersede any state Constitutional protection against diminishment of pensions and benefits. Do you think dozens of troubled cities across the fruited plain didn't notice that ruling along with every union leader?

What is the number one source of these cities' economic woes? Unionized government workforces with defined pension plans. They are in fact unsustainable.

Hutzpah, gall, Alinsky, cajones whatever you want to call it, President Obama had the crowds cheering in Illinois with his tired old populist rhetoric, without any specific solutions or plans. Boiled down to the marrow, it was simply another campaign speech.

Obama said he took on a broken health care system? Yes, he and the Democratic Party did finally achieve the nationalization of the health care system. Only defunding by Republicans in this year's budget can stop this disaster from being fully implemented. Republicans however have no cajones.

Einstein's definition of insanity is challenged when millions of people believe the state building a leviathan bureaucracy between them and their doctor will lower health care costs, lower insurance costs, and improve the quality of health care.

This week while in Ohio I heard this report on Dayton's WHIO radio; a survey of businesses in The Chamber of Commerce: in the past year 74% cut full time employees to part time, 51% laid off employees, and 43% said any new hires will be part time employees, all due to Obamacare costs.

Simply more evidence, all across this nation Obamacare is proving to be a jobs killer when it was sold as a jobs bill. Paging Nancy Pelosi, Dr. Einstein will see you now, he's through seeing the people in the Knox College audience.

What Obamacare has done for jobs so has Dodd-Frank, and the EPA. Jobs are the key to real economic growth and a true recovery in the housing market. No jobs, no buyers. If not for Bernanke's artificial interest rates and investors gobbling up foreclosures there wouldn't be any semblance of a housing recovery.

In true Alinsky form Obama declares he's for the middle class and, that's why he locked in a tax cut for 98% of the people while asking the rich to pay a little more. Feel the fairness? If Obama is for the middle class he sure has a funny way of showing it. Here is the truth: the middle class has been savaged by Obama since the end of The Great Recession and the beginning of the Obama Recovery.

Here are some reasons you must watch what Obama does and not give much credence to what he says. The San Francisco Fed reported 90% of the drag on GDP comes from tax increases while 10% from spending cuts (sequester). Reality contradicts Obama again.

Hundreds of thousands fewer middle class jobs, higher costs for food, gas, energy, and health insurance paid with lower real incomes. Millions of middle class families have lost their homes to foreclosure, twelve million homes sit vacant (some supply shortage), and over ten million remain underwater on their mortgages.

Now comes Obama saying more of the same Keynesian economics will turn the economy around if only those rascally Republicans wouldn't take the focus off the economy with political posturing, and phony scandals.

As for the insinuation by Obama that these scandals are phony, I would suggest he visit the families of Brian Terry, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith.

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