Why is Townhall.com separating from Heritage?

Posted: Apr 01, 2005 12:00 AM
"Why, Ed?"

"Why is Townhall.com separating from Heritage?"

That's a question I've been asked often lately.  From opponents to allies, left to right, enquiring minds want to know.

Among our adversaries on the left, conjectures range from hopeful thoughts of discord to dark visions of a spreading conservative conspiracy.

But I can tell you the reason for the separation in one simple word: Potential.

Townhall.com is separating from The Heritage Foundation so it can achieve its full potential and needs your support.

When Heritage acquired Townhall.com from National Review in 1995, we did so in an effort to help the conservative movement as a whole. That's always been our goal for Townhall.com -- to grow the movement. And it has succeeded.

Today, Townhall.com is quite simply the leading conservative website. With 68 conservative columnists, 115 of the most forward-thinking conservative groups, and 1.5 million of the most committed conservatives reading the site each month, Townhall.com has succeeded in both growing and unifying the conservative movement.

But it can do much more.

When the Heritage board met last December, we agreed that it was time to let Townhall.com achieve the freedom and independence that comes with leaving home.

As part of The Heritage Foundation, Townhall.com is limited by the IRS to the "education only" status of The Heritage Foundation. But while that status suits Heritage's mission, it limits what Townhall.com can do.

Townhall.com will now be free to activate (and continue to grow) those 1.5 million monthly readers, creating the unified conservative force that our country needs.

Drew Bond, Townhall.com's new president and my former chief of staff, has a mix of previous experience in business, state politics, and on Capitol Hill (working for former conservative Senator Don Nickles) that well equips him to guide this effort.

Drew is also well-equipped because he's joining a team that's already demonstrated its talent, led by Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Garthwaite, who has been effectively steering Townhall.com for over six years. Together, they are ideally prepared to forge the path that lies ahead of Townhall.com.

So they've got the talent, they've got the track record, they only need one thing: a large base of committed readers who support them financially. They already have the makings of one, but they'll need to enlarge it to ensure their long-term survival in Washington, DC.

And that's why I'm asking you to join me in supporting Townhall.com at this crucial time. This is a critical juncture for Townhall.com and our adversaries on the left would like nothing more than to see Townhall.com stumble as it leaves the starting gate and never recover.

We can't let that happen. There's too much at stake. I hope you?ll join the effort.