Dr. Shea Garrison

Dr. Shea  Garrison
­­­­­UN Report Promotes Abortion, LGBT “Rights” Over Human Rights
By Dr. Shea Garrison
Editor's Note: This post was co-authored by Emily Kao.Billions of people around the world exercised their religious freedom during Holy ...
April 17, 2020
Something Smells About Bernie's Self-declared 'Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian' Platform
By Dr. Shea Garrison
Senator Bernie Sanders’ accusation of bigotry, aimed at the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, is ironic given that AIPAC is ...
February 28, 2020
Trump Is a Born Dealmaker, Let Him Do His Thing
By Dr. Shea Garrison
President Trump is a businessman and a deal-maker—we knew that when we elected him. His administration operates differently from any ...
June 18, 2018
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