Biden's Mental Decline Is a Democratic Strategy Not a Democratic Problem

Posted: Mar 15, 2021 12:01 AM
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Biden's Mental Decline Is a Democratic Strategy Not a Democratic Problem

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It is no secret that Joe Biden is not in charge of the executive branch. Nor does it come as a surprise. The only observable difference between 2020 presidential hopeful Joe and 2021 President Joe, is his change of address. He moved from a basement somewhere in Delaware to a basement at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In fact, a benign question from a pathetic journalist today as to what type of ice cream Joe is eating would be received with a standing ovation.

What is surprising, however, is how effective and advantageous his non-presidency has been for the Democratic Party. His mental incapacitation has not hindered the left’s sinister Marxist agenda to transform the United States from a Constitutional republic to a totalitarian state, but has helped facilitate it. 

While Joe’s mental impairment remains the elephant in the room for Democrats and their propagandists in the media, who refuse to acknowledge the obvious, we don’t need them to confirm what we can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. Whether it’s Joe admitting on camera that he has no idea what he’s signing as he signs an executive order, or Joe forgetting his defense secretary’s name, Joe giving an unprecedented zero press conferences, or even Joe’s reneged promise to deliver an address to a joint session of Congress in February, it all demonstrably proves one thing — Joe Biden is unfit for the office he nominally holds. 

But so long as Joe remains the “president,” even if this is understood as merely a figurative role, the Democrats will continue to have wild success in their diabolical and unconstitutional efforts to destroy America. There is a reason the cognitively challenged Biden has already proven to be a far more effective radical Marxist than even Barack Obama — expectation, or rather, a lack of expectation.

Barack Obama also held a Democratic majority in the legislature during his first two years in office. But Barack Obama’s mental acuity was a handicap to the unpopular, radical agenda of the left. When Barack Obama signed a flurry of executive orders and championed questionable and unconstitutional legislation, he still was expected to answer to the American people. While Obama was radical, the American people still remained partially informed. At least some diffusion of knowledge took place as Obama was expected to explain and defend his agenda, and took questions from the press.

Even those of us who are the most vocal and unequivocal critics of Joe’s obvious mental decline must also admit that the very thing we demand — a president, for example — we cannot have. We are living in a nightmare scenario. It’s like trying to cancel some subscription service or seeking answers to some other technical issue and being put on hold, endlessly transferred from one unintelligible party to another, and never getting any answers or resolution.

In the absence of a president, we take our questions and concerns to Jen Psaki, who would benefit from the excuse of dementia. But her challenge is not mental decline, but an unfortunate inability to communicate, a lack of preparedness in part due to her lack of a boss in the Oval Office, and her own limited IQ. Like the worst hotel concierge or IT specialist, her response to everything is, “I’ll circle back on that,” which better translates to, “I have no idea, I’m as unqualified and unfit as my boss, Joe Biden.” It is also damning proof that there is a vacuum in the White House.

What is the upshot? The American people and our country have been plunged into darkness. We have largely no idea what is going on. While we can speculate as to who is actually running the country — Obama? Susan Rice? — we have no access to the one individual “responsible” for the literal decimation of our economy, our safety, and our freedom. America is being run by a shadow government and in the absence of any actual leader. We can’t even rely on the limited defense of pressuring and demanding accountability from the titular leader of the executive branch. 

Joe Biden’s nomination was due to his superficial appeal to the moderate Democrat and the basement strategy employed to bolster his chances of victory. While I reluctantly applaud the Democrats’ proven aptitude for a long-term strategy, I don’t believe they ever calculated the then-unknown benefits of a mentally impaired president.

We cannot simultaneously admit that Biden is mentally unfit for the presidency and simultaneously expect that he fulfills his duties. This is the bizarre dilemma we now face. So long as he remains in office, those Americans who religiously watch CNN and get their propaganda from the Washington Post will never be exposed to anything remotely resembling reality. 

While Joe continues to be largely hidden from public view and protected by his handlers from facing questioning, and Jen Psaki continues to carry out her circle back strategy, those of us who do demand answers and wish to live in reality will be forced to continue this insufferable existence in the twilight zone, or purgatory.

Joe Biden is a strategy for the Democratic Party at this point, not a hindrance or frustration. As the rag known as the Washington Post declares, “Democracy dies in darkness.” We are living in darkness. I regret to say that we would be better off with Kamala Harris. At least if she was president, there would be no unspoken excuse either understood or accepted for this un-American and totalitarian regime. But if the Democrats are smart, they’ll keep Joe around as long as they can.

Drew Allen is a Texas-bred, California-based conservative author and speaker, who writes a weekly blog promoting conservative ideals at drewthomasallen.com.  Fluent in Italian, Drew has lived and worked in Italy in the fashion industry and in New York City and Los Angeles as an actor, screenwriter, and independent film producer.