Huckabee -- The Ultimate Liberal Plant

Posted: Dec 10, 2007 12:55 AM
Huckabee -- The Ultimate Liberal Plant

If you are the eventual Democratic nominee for President in 2008, who would you like to run against? Answer: A Republican you can beat.

Chris Matthews, of MSNBC, recently asked, “Why is the liberal media giving Huckabee a free ride?” Could the answer be as obvious as the liberal media thinks that they have war-gamed this election better than conservatives? Did they look at the Republican field and try to ascertain who would be the weakest “non-fringe” candidate?

That most of the mainstream media is going to be in the bag for the Democratic nominee, is beyond question. As that is certainly the case, a method to their literal madness would be in order.

Why is the liberal National Education Association of New Hampshire coming out for Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and Mike Huckabee on the Republican side? What are they seeing in the former Arkansas governor that a number of Republicans are missing?

Some conservatives and Evangelicals have said that they are supporting Huckabee because he’s a “law and order” candidate or a “good” Christian. Really?

It’s difficult to be a “law and order” candidate when the grieving mother of an innocent young woman who was brutally raped and murdered, comes out against you. A mother whose daughter was killed by a man safely locked-up in prison for a previous rape until then Governor Huckabee sent the rapist a personal note of encouragement and endorsed his parole.

Tragically, another mother of a daughter alleged to have been killed by the man Huckabee helped free from prison, just had this to say: “He (Huckabee) closed a blind eye to a really dangerous man and doesn’t care because he thinks he’s invincible.”

Maybe Huckabee thinks he’s “invincible” because he has literally inferred that God wants him to win. “It’s the same power,” he said of his sudden rise in the polls, “That helped a little boy with two fish and five loaves of bread feed a crowd of 5,000 people.” Okay.

There have been reports that Huckabee recently told a Pastor that God speaks to him. In recounting all of this to an Evangelical friend of mine, the friend responded, “The tiny man who runs Iran and wants to wipe the United States and Israel off the face of the earth, also says God speaks to him. No Christian should use the Lord as a cheap campaign gimmick.”

If Huckabee is using God as a “gimmick,” this is not the first time. Should any voter care to see it, one only has to type “Huckabee – God – 2004 Republican Governors Association” into the search engine of their choice and see Huckabee – long before Rudy – take an “unexpected” phone call at the podium. His call was from “God,” and in the world of Mike Huckabee, “God” was reduced to a partisan hack.

There are many people in and out of government – myself included – who honestly believe that the 2008 presidential election will be the most important of our lifetimes. Terrorism, illegal immigration and energy dependence on hostile foreign nations, being just a few of the reasons why.

The liberals are desperate to take the White House back and desperate to start their global “The United States is evil” appeasement campaign. Many of these same liberals think Huckabee would make an outstanding Republican nominee.