Illegal Aliens Declare War on the United States, Part II

Posted: Sep 07, 2007 12:01 AM
Illegal Aliens Declare War on the United States, Part II

When we last left it, Prince William County in Virginia was trying to defend itself and its legal inhabitants against the massive influx of illegal aliens pouring into the county. A migration that is putting a tremendous strain on the infrastructure of the county while substantially raising the crime rate.

Toward that end, the county logically decided that the best way to combat this invasion by illegal aliens was to simply enforce the laws. Mistake. At least as far as the illegal aliens, their left-wing lawyers, and the left-leaning Washington Post are concerned. The illegal aliens and their lawyers, with a huge public relations assist from the Washington Post, basically decided to declare war on the county in response.

Six weeks after writing my first column on this subject, the situation has gone from bad to worse for the law-abiding citizens of Prince William County. In late July, thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters met in Prince William County to declare that they would punish the county for daring to enforce it laws by boycotting non-immigrant businesses, striking against those innocent owners and suing the county into bankruptcy.

Earlier this week, as many as seven thousand illegal aliens and their pro-law breaking supporters – including Hispanic Priests – converged once again at the seat of the Prince William County government to intensity their militancy as they sought to intimidate the Prince William board and the legal citizens of the county. It should be noted that this threatening protest was led by a group that calls itself “Mexicans Without Borders.” An organization headed-up by an individual who, it has been reported, draws his inspiration from the violent Marxist Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Pure and simple, these militants intend to take the county down and then take their guerilla campaign to the next city or county that has the temerity to try and enforce the laws of the United States.

For the majority of the citizens of Prince William County, as well as the vast majority of the citizens of our nation, this thuggish attack from within represents a direct threat to our very sovereignty. We are a nation with borders and it is the job of our federal government to enforce those borders, and while doing so, ensure the national security of our country.

Horrifyingly, commonsense and the ultimately suicidal self-interests of many or our politicians dictates that as 500,000 illegal aliens per year cross into our country unimpeded, these elected officials will shamelessly grovel for their approval to stay in office. To get such approval, they will need to ignore border security and push various amnesty plans. The end result of such behavior will not only hasten the end of our sovereignty, but will put our nation at a much greater risk of terrorist attack.

Why? For confirmation, one need look no further than last year’s frightening report titled “Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border,” released by the House Committee on Homeland Security. Have not heard of it? That’s because the majority of our politicians and media chose to ignore it.

Little wonder. Chief among this report’s findings were that terrorists from Hezbollah and other Islamic organizations have and continue to enter our country through our southern flank. Yes, you read that right. Members of Hezbollah – an organization considered more dangerous than Al Qaida – have already entered our nation.

The report further stated that the U.S. Military and intelligence officials believe that Venezuela – at the direction of dictator Hugo Chavez – is emerging as a hub of terrorism in the Western Hemisphere. That the Chavez government is teaching Islamists how to speak Spanish, supplying them with Venezuelan identity cards, and facilitating their illegal entry into the United States.

What more proof do these irresponsible politicians, lawyers, and members of the media need? Are they waiting for a mushroom cloud to appear over an American city before they will admit that by not locking down our borders and controlling illegal immigration, we are putting ourselves at tremendous risk.

Point blank. If you are an American business that willingly employs illegal aliens, you are putting us all at risk. If you are the mayor or city council of a sanctuary city, you are putting us all at risk. Should the unthinkable happen, you will bear much of the responsibility.

Combative, illegal aliens have established a beachhead in Prince William County, Virginia. Millions of illegal aliens and their supporters around the nation are closely following this confrontation. Should the militant illegal aliens prevail in Prince William county, the others around the nation will be emboldened to try the same.

Should this happen, our borders will grow weaker and more terrorists will enter our nation. The clock is ticking.