Can You Save The Dream That Was America?

Posted: Jun 28, 2007 12:01 AM
Can You Save The Dream That Was America?

As an everyday citizen of the United States, what are your realistic options when you believe your country to be in a death spiral from which it almost assuredly won’t recover?

If you are an American who still deeply believes in the promise of our republic, how can you fight back against those from within, intent on destroying everything you hold sacred by subverting traditional family values, western civilization, national security, and just plain commonsense?

Shockingly, maybe you can’t. I’m told it’s basically too late to save the nation that represents the last best hope for mankind.

Six months ago, my novel “America’s Last Days,” was released. The novel fictionalized a revolution from within led by the former director of the FBI and the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who felt the nation was broken beyond repair and it was their duty as patriots, to try to salvage the remnants of the government established by our Founding Fathers.

Aside from trying to tell an entertaining story, I was also trying to wave a red flag. It was one of the few realistic options open to me.

Since the book’s release in January, I have received hundreds of emails from readers, and hundreds of phone calls from listeners on the radio shows I’ve done around the nation, who feel that the far-left has such a strangle hold on our media, colleges, high schools, entertainment outlets, and even a large percentage of our clergy, that the United States of their fathers and grandfathers, of border security, of politicians who put country before party or self interest, is beyond salvation.

The emails and calls – from police, firefighters, military personnel, and a host of other occupations – focus their pessimism on a few recurring themes. Chief among them is that both parties have compromised our critical border security in a craven attempt to secure the Hispanic-American vote for 2008 and beyond. Aside from the callers and readers, my Hispanic-American wife strongly agrees with that assessment. As a newly minted U.S. citizen who complied with every law of our nation, she feels this White House, the Democratic leadership, and a number of Republicans, have slapped her in the face with their transparent amnesty program for illegal aliens.

Next is the fear that our very politicians are working behind the scenes to fold the United States into a borderless, single currency, part of the “North American Union.”

Beyond that, is the rising anger at those who use political correctness as an excuse to ignore radical Islam, and especially the Islamists in our own nation who mean us great harm. The examples are many but one of the most cited is the fact that liberal executives from PBS – the network you pay for with your taxes – refused to air the film “Islam vs. Islamists: Voices From the Muslim Center.” A film that states that moderate Muslims in a number of Western countries, including the United States, are being intimidated by fanatical Islamists.

These left-leaning executives chose not to air this important documentary for most likely two reasons. First, because some “conservatives” were involved in the making of the film, and second, because they did not want to offend those who mean to exterminate us.

That twisted rationale leads to the next concern of my readers and callers. That being that as the far-left labors day and night to ensure that the millions of immigrants pouring into our nation – illegal and legal – don’t assimilate, that they guarantee the balkanization of what used to be the United States. Time and history have proven that the fate of multiethnic, multicultural countries is certain. They break-up and revolve around the gravitational pull of their native language, culture, and ideology.

As Democrat and Republican politicians eagerly chase money and power at the expense of ethics, spirituality, and national security, they have become equal co-conspirators in the destruction of our nation from within.

If you agree with this assessment, then how – short of the revolution I start in my novel – can we save the United States from its rapidly approaching demise? Myself and tens of millions of Americans, anxiously await your answer.