Our Very Politicians Ensure That Al Qaeda Destroys Us…Unless

Posted: Feb 27, 2007 12:01 AM
Our Very Politicians Ensure That Al Qaeda Destroys Us…Unless

With each passing day, I’m finding it more and more plausible to believe that Al Qaeda or its imitators, will inflict catastrophic and lasting damage upon our republic. The evidence is everywhere, but most of us choose to ignore that which enables the evil intent on killing us all.

Who or what enables this evil? In a very real sense, a combination of our elected officials and tragically, you, me, and anyone else in this nation who votes, or worse, chooses never to vote.

Three recent stories have pushed me to the inevitable conclusion that we are all but doomed to suffer unimagined pain. The first, was a recent story in The Washington Post headlined, “Democrats offer up Chairmen for Donors.” This predictable report detailed how the new Democratic majority in Congress is already mirroring some of the sleaziest tactics employed by some in the former Republican majority, by blatantly selling access. Barney Frank (D-MA), the new chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, had zero problem coming right out and saying, “Financial services companies are inclined to give to me because I’m chairman of the committee important to their interests.”

There you have it. No window dressing. No shame. Just partisan self interest designed solely to keep the majority at the expense of everything else, including the will and welfare of the American people. And in anticipation of my Democratic friends accusing me of being partisan, let me remind them that I have long attacked the lack of ethics, greed, or outright corruption of such Republicans as Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff, Roy Blunt, John Boehner, and others.

The next story that convinced me that a 1950’s style, well stocked and well armed bomb shelter is a necessity, was a report from the Sunday Telegraph in London. That news report, based on a highly classified intelligence document, was at least honest and politically incorrect enough to state, “The number of British-based Islamic terrorists plotting suicide attacks against “soft” targets in the country is far greater than the Security Services had previously believed…it is thought the plotters could number more than 2,000.” Further, the director general of MI5 (Scotland Yard’s Terrorist Command), went on to say that there were 200 known Islamist networks in Britain involved in at least 30 terrorist plots.

Why does that report make me fear for my country? For the simple reason that political correctness forbids us to entertain the thought that the very same viper already resides in our nest and is poised to strike. If it is an acknowledged fact that Britain has a huge problem with such homegrown terrorists, then logic dictates that we have the same homegrown terrorists. And yet, in the face of such disturbing evidence, the vast majority of our politicians fail to speak out. Why?

Simply put, they are deathly afraid of a liberal media that will brand them as “bigots” the second they wonder if a minute percentage of our own Muslim-American population may side with those who mean to exterminate all Christians, Jews, and all “non-believers.” So, rather than suffer that indignity, some of our elected officials deliberately decide that the potential death of tens of thousands of Americans is preferable to the slings and arrows of a suicidal left-leaning media.

Lastly, we have the numerous and growing news accounts of our very porous border with Mexico. A border that last November, the House Committee on Homeland Security stated had already been infiltrated by agents of Hezbollah. Again, known terrorists crossing into our country and numerous useless politicians on both sides of the aisle choose to look the other way. Why?

In this case, it seems to boil down to votes and oil. Both political parties, in a shameless grab for Hispanic-American votes, have come to the conclusion, that if they institute real border security, then they will lose a segment of that voting block come 2008 and beyond.

With regard to the oil, I have been told by a source in our government that some in the Bush administration are so fearful of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela following through on his threat to turn off the oil spigot to the United States, that they are willing to ignore the influx of illegal aliens so as not to offend Mexico and threaten that supply of oil to our country.

Whatever the reasons, there can be no denying that our borders are open to terrorists. They are this way because most of our politicians have put their self preservation ahead of the national security of the United States.

So again, who will be to blame if we do lose an American city to terrorism? You. Me. And anyone who votes or does not vote. For it is us, who are responsible for these obscenely irresponsible politicians being in power. Traditionally, we have always loved our “dirt bag” while wishing ill upon others. A philosophy that in the past, may have only served to rob the public coffers and enrich corrupt politicians, but now, post 9-11, represents a pattern of voting that may be signing the death warrant for our very way of life.

Over the course of the last few years, I have grown so frustrated and so fearful of the behavior of our inept elected officials, that I decided the only way I could strike out against them, was in a fictional sense. In my new novel, I have created a super-militia headed up by the former director of the FBI and the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who feel our nation is in a death spiral and it is their very duty, to try and save it from within.

As my former director of the FBI says to the president when he comes to the White House to state their terms, “…Rome was lucky, Mr. President. It only had one Nero to stand by and fiddle as the city and the culture burned to the ground. We in the United States, have 535.”

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for our elected officials to do nothing.”

That requirement is being met and evil is but the blink of an eye away from doing the unthinkable. Who among us is prepared to put country before party to save the dream that is America?