Vote: Against an unethical media

Posted: Oct 30, 2006 10:11 PM

To my fellow conservatives, Republicans, and even independents, who are so frustrated with some in the GOP for abandoning the principles of our party, that you plan to sit out this election, I implore you to change your mind. While I share your anger and disappointment, I am still eagerly going to vote on November 7th for one simple reason. To stop those in the mainstream media trying to hijack this election.

I would submit that never in the history of modern American campaigning, has the media displayed such an unethical, unprofessional, and gleeful bias, as they have with this midterm election. Many members of the left-of-center mainstream media are deliberately trying to dictate, manipulate, and deliver the vote of the American electorate to the Democratic column, and for them to say otherwise is to deny the obvious.

To offer up proof, is as easy as predicting the Sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning, or that the press will ignore the ethical lapses of Democratic politicians. While this media disinformation campaign has been going on for much longer, just go back the last two weeks and look at the front pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, USA Today, or any of the other liberal newspapers in the nation, and gaze upon the hundreds of the above the fold stories of how the Democrats are all but certain to cruise to victory on election day.

Don’t have time to do all that research? Okay. Just look at the recent covers of Time and Newsweek with their either shamefully fawning cover photos of Democrats, or the dark, foreboding cover shot of an elephant’s backside receding into oblivion, or the latest Time cover with President Bush alone and deserted by his Party.

Don’t like to read? No problem. Watch NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS, as either their anchors, or their openly partisan guests, breathlessly predict a “Democratic tsunami,” “Democratic tidal wave,” or the “banishment of the Republicans to the minority,” to millions of viewers and – potential voters.

Now, after you give all this material even a cursory once over, go back to October of 1994 and look at these same “news” organizations, and how they “reported” on the impending historic Republican victory of that midterm election. Not surprisingly, said coverage was lacking, well, coverage. Next, among the minute reporting they begrudgingly offered, you will find none of the enthusiasm, superlatives, cheerleading, or banner headlines that today’s left-of-center media have delivered to their masters in the Democratic party.

For me, this is honestly not a partisan issue. It’s about reporters doing their jobs and not carrying water for any political party.

Evidence of that being that when Howard Dean lost out on his Party’s nomination to John Kerry in 2004, I wrote a column coming to Dean’s defense. In the piece, I outlined how this same media systematically sabotaged the Dean campaign. Why would these “unbiased journalists” do such a thing? Because they didn’t think Dean could beat Bush in the general election, and their hatred of the President trumped the ethics of not torpedoing Dean in favor of someone they thought could win.

Make no mistake, as Republicans or conservatives, if we don’t vote in this election, we are giving voice to those in the media who willingly betray their noble profession to manufacture a desired outcome. We would be making it easier for them to do something that is not only un-American, but purposely circumvents the will of our Founders.

In trampling the Constitution, these left of center “journalists,” see no problem inventing “facts” to further their partisan agenda. Such as, instead of the 30,000 to 60,000 civilian deaths in Iraq estimated by even some Democrat leaning studies, they tell the voters it’s really 650,000 dead and dare the Administration to knock down the lie.

In case that doesn’t do the trick, these partisan “journalists” think nothing of taking a truly evil video gift wrapped and handed to them by Islamist terrorists that shows American soldiers being murdered by sniper fire, and putting it on the air. Hitler’s propaganda minister surely smiling from Hell as the tape rolls.

Point being, the liberals in the media masquerading as journalists, will do anything to undermine those who don’t bow to their opinion and will. To counter such hubris and totalitarian thinking, we need to vote.

Think of it, not as a vote for those Republicans who have let us down, but rather, a vote in defense of democracy, and against those with unchecked power who seek to weaken that which our soldiers fight to preserve and bestow.

On election day, vote to honor liberty while sending a message to a media that has forgotten its sacred mission.