Merry Old England Morphs into Scary New England via Multiculturalism

Posted: Feb 13, 2011 10:26 AM

It appears as if this multicultural smack we’re being sold in the U.S. didn’t work out too well in the U.K. Just this past week British Prime Minister David Cameron echoed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s sentiments from last October that their country’s Pollyanna policy of multicultural yumminess toward Islam’s “way of life” was, in retrospect, really stupid—as in really, really, really stupid.

Yep, England’s giddy naïveté to prove to the thought police that they have evolved into nonjudgmental goo has led our snaggle-toothed cousins to open wide their borders to militant Muslims who hate the very ground that true Brits walk on. Now the Brits have a huge, stonking Muslim mess on their hands. Garsh. Who’d a thunk it?

Who would have imagined that letting religious gangsters immigrate to the U.K. (who happen to loathe British values, have zero desire to assimilate into the mix, and believe England’s laws suck and Sharia is simply fabulous) would have turned out bad? Who saw that coming?

I’ll tell you who saw that coming: Stevie Wonder, all myopic Cyclopes far and wide, and everyone in Europe who has a lick of common sense and a functioning BS detector. However, when these seers began to perceive the erosion of their life and values thirty years ago and when they started speaking out that these Muslims who “long to join” the British melting pot were not, if fact, melting but rather ruining the whole damn stew with their radical nonsense, they were immediately shouted down as xenophobes by the altruistic multiculties.

Yes, though it once seemed cute and cosmopolitan to have people from all over the Middle East speaking different languages, serving different foods, wearing burkas and playing different music, it has now turned ugly with Islamic enclaves completely at odds with British culture. And make no mistake about it: This Islamic hate came right in through the front door riding on the back of Kumbayah multiculturalism, and now merry old England is scary new England, and the U.K.’s become a hotbed for terrorists. Now they have hell to pay.

Yes, thanks to multiculturalism the United Kingdom has become the Divided Kingdom, and Americans should take note; Americans have been told for so long that when Muslims leave the Middle East and move to the U.S. it’s because they love America and that for which it stands and want to enjoy the Judeo-Christian perks that this grand experiment in self government has yielded.

This is the same stuff the multiculties told the formerly great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. And you know what? I ain’t buying it. And here’s what I propose: I say Muslims trip over themselves and prove they love our country, freedoms and rights. I say they leave all their “unique” customs and laws that don’t coincide with our views of women, liberty, justice and human rights back in the country they left to come here. I say that they adapt to us wholeheartedly and not utter a peep about how they hate America. If they do the aforementioned, great … welcome to our world. If they don’t … we deport them back to whatever Suckistan they came from. God help us to learn the lesson Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy are now screaming at us and refuse to follow the example of Europe and allow for separate Muslim enclaves in which radical weirdness can fester and turn into a national nightmare.

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