I’m Proud to Be a Heretic to the Preening Progressives

Posted: Oct 30, 2010 6:02 PM
What do the preening Progressives demand from the multitudinous rubes of the left, right and center? Well, that’s a stupid easy inquiry: It’s the same thing that Jesus requires—i.e. worship in word and in deed. That’s all.

I’m talking about total devotion, punks. Get it? Got it? Good. Now, be good boys and girls and sit back and drink the Che Obama Kool-Aid, you poor, ignorant bastards because we are the Lord Government Almighty.

The cacophonic call to unquestioned and complete compliance to their controlling machinations is what the Left has pilloried us plebeians with via BHO’s admin, the Publik Skule system, university circles and Hollywood’s High Def backside.

And that’s in light of the fact that what they table:

doesn’t make a lick of fiscal sense,

- has miserably failed in the U.S. and other countries,

- jeopardizes our national security,

- demagnetizes what’s left of our moral compass,

- violently craps on our founding docs,

- enlarges the size of government more than Pelosi’s eye sockets after a 1,000cc Botox boost,

- and saddles us with unpayable psycho debt.

Eh, none of the above is anything they’d want to discuss with us questioning heretics; what matters is that we bow and kiss their ring. And OMG, if you don’t pucker up then man-oh-man are you in deep weeds.

Indeed, if you don’t thoughtlessly step-n-fetch to their left-of-hell fiddle or attempt to indulge the superfluity of naughtiness by not parroting and adhering to their tried and found wanting worldview, they will put your belligerent backside through … well … hell (I’m talkin’ H-E-double-hockey-sticks Hades). If you don’t believe me, ask Juan Williams.

Now, of course they cannot send a dissenter to a literal hell like Jesus can and will do with the impenitent, but they will put you through Politically Correct hell where you’ll be screeched at by Joy Behar, fired by NPR’s Vivian Schiller or verbally tongue hammered by some mannish lesbian for your insubordination to “them” until you fold up like a cheap lawn chair and rue the day that you ever disagreed. At least that’s their desired end. And by the way, Joy Behar is in no position to call Sharron Angle “a b*tch that’s going to hell.”

Yes, the masturbatory Progressives who deny the existence of God are the self-appointed gods of the post America milieu, and their Church of the New Groove is a DC on ‘roids. Like Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon said, “You owe (them) awe.” It’s that plain. It’s that simple.

If you don’t believe me, just pony up to a line and cross one of them at school, work or play and see what happens. See what happens when you’re not the bobble-headed doll to their daft directives. They’ll move in wrath quicker than Rosie can blow through a case of pork rinds.

The reason they’ve been successful heretofore with their nation-thrashing schemes is because they’ve cowed us into complicity through political correctness, knowing that those who love America find it hard to be the jackasses that they are.

Well, that day is officially over. We, the heretics, are here, and we’re finally loud and righteously proud. Yep, we’re sorry for shutting up when we should have been speaking out, and we are determined never to be fooled again, which stems from the fact that we now appreciate this nation’s greatness and its original intent more than we like being liked by you, the preening Progressive.