Liberals Attempt to Stifle Soldiers’ Ability to Vote

Posted: Oct 23, 2010 10:52 PM

The Left has so derailed and so thoroughly misread America that it would be a miracle if they won cheap seats to Leif Garrett’s “I Was Made for Dancin’ Comeback Concert” at the Light-A-Fart Nursing Home in Bugtussle, Texas come November 2nd.

The only way the woefully unpopular progressives can score much on anything in the upcoming mid-terms is via uncut, unmitigated, and unsubstantiated Graysonisms, steering clear of Obama’s policy toxicity, voter fraud, making certain the military doesn’t get to vote, and through ballot box blocking once a Tea Party mark is made.

Yep, the desperate, rudderless Left is freakin’ out and yelling:

- “Bring on the Obama Kool-Aid from election past!”

- “Bring back the effective fraudulent freaks of ACORN, SEIU and their multitudinous gross and seedy Mugabe-esque “Community” organizations to register 100,000 corpses and Disney characters to cast ballots and steal this son of a monkey!”

- “Release the hounds of ‘Aqua Buddha’ and commence the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Hunts!”

- “Someone ‘forget’ to send our troops their ballots!”

- Oh, and I almost forgot: “Unleash the petite one, King Samir Shabazz, with his paramilitary jumpsuit and his baton, dammit! We gotta win this thang!”

How progressive. How hope and changy. How low can you go, BHO?

All of the above smack is repugnant.

However, of the aforementioned ditties, one that really gets me PO’ed is how these socialistic slime dealers and election stealers are trying to keep tens of thousands of our military men and women from receiving their absentee ballots and thus their ability to vote.

Now, the numb nuts in NYC, when busted, said it was an “honest mistake.” I, in part, believe them. To me this is quasi-understandable. Here’s why: We all know the powers that be in NYC were busy kissing Imam Rauf’s Muslim butt over the Ground Zero Mosque, and therefore they probably just forgot to mail out the ballots to our soldiers who’re dodging bullets abroad from … um … Muslims. I get it. They goofed up. I hear it’s hard to multitask when you’re kissing someone’s _ _ _.

Being the Christian dude that I am, I’ll err on the side of grace and grant you that one oversight of 20,000 military absentee ballots mysteriously failing to make it to Afghanistan is possible. But it sure starts looking kinda/sorta weird when it not only happens in New York City but then, coincidently, where thousands of deployed troops failed to get their ballots to vote in this election—as in thousands of troops from thirty-five Illinois counties. That’s THIRTY-FIVE Illinois counties! (Question: what current famous politician whose middle name is Hussein hails from Illinois?)

Again, being the gracious guy that I am, if one county forgot to mail GI Joe his ballot, couldn’t that just be a mistake? Okay, I get it, nobody is perfect (cough).

But if two counties do it? Alright, it’s starting to look a wee bit weird, but hey, everyone makes mistakes, eh (choke)?

But when it ramps up to thirty-five frickin’ counties in Illinois forgetting to post ‘em to our warriors in harm’s way while the same scallywags hand-deliver them to inmates in Illinois’ state prison system then all I’ve got to say is please, pettifoggers, go sell crazy somewhere else.

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