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29 Reasons Why BHO Is the Greatest President Ever (If You Hate America)

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Y’know, if I were a terrorist I think I’d hit America right now because I don’t think we’ve been this vulnerable since Clinton gutted our military, worked against our national security, and paved the way for 9/11.

For the record, I am not a terrorist, no matter what the mutant Janeane Garofalo says. How do I know I’m not a terrorist? Well, you pretty much have to be a Muslim or a progressive to be one, and I’m not Islamic but rather a Christian and a conservative.

For those unfamiliar with Christianity, one of the tenets of this faith disallows its followers to blow innocent people up while they’re working, riding a bus, flying home to see Granny for Christmas, or getting a slice of pepperoni at Famous Ray’s. The Koran, on the other hand is, how shall I say … more lenient … when it comes to such issues, and so are the likes of toads such as Bill Ayers. But I digress.

Regarding my assessment of our nation’s security (or lack thereof), I am not the only one out there with this opinion. Oh, no Spanky. There are more of us. Many more. As in many, many more.

Matter of fact, bestselling author and military analyst, Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, formerly Clinton’s senior military aide in charge of the “nuclear football” (which is not code for Monica’s plus-size lingerie bag), also thinks we’re incredibly susceptible to being attacked on a scale much larger that 9/11. He also believes … wait for it … that BHO is America’s biggest national security threat.

Who’s this “Buzz” guy, and why should we perk up and listen to what he says? Well, he’s not an obese commie who does shoddy documentary crap films, for one thing; nor is he a chunky, redheaded, unfunny, nerve-grating female comic who likes to spew her ill-informed views on HLN.

Nope, the good Colonel is a man who has honorably served our nation and was Billy’s top gun during the Clinton Administration. Patterson witnessed firsthand how William J. whittled away our military might, which Buzz meticulously documented in his New York Times bestselling book, Dereliction of Duty. Did you miss that one?

Patterson, however, in his latest tome, Conduct Unbecoming: How Obama is Destroying the Military and Endangering Our Security, says to the effect that Clinton looks like Genghis Khan on HGH compared to how Obama is dismantling the U.S. and thereby setting us up to be brutalized by those who detest the U.S. and that for which it stands.

Don’t believe me, MSNBC’er? Well check out these ditties I gleaned from Buzz’s most recent in regard to how Obama has gutted us from a security standpoint in just his first eighteen months (oh, how giddy Bin Laden must be seeing us morphing into a weak horse).

1. January - December 2009: The Administration refuses to detain the vast majority of illegal workers they find by drastically revising policy, such as halting workplace raids and stripping local law enforcement of the ability to pursue illegals. Also, terrorist detainees are ordered to be tried in civilian courts.

2. February 26, 2009: White House announces plans to slash defense budget, which undermines the U.S. military’s ability to meet its commitments.

3. March 13, 2009: No longer “enemy combatants,” terrorist supporters have new legal protections against being detained.

4. April 6, 2009: Obama gives speech in Turkey, apologizing for America, even as Turkey embraces Iran and Syria.

5. April 16, 2009: The Justice Department’s legal opinions on terrorist interrogations are disclosed and overruled by the Obama Administration.

6. May 21, 2009: President signs the US-UAE Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, which is intended to clear the way for the United Arab Emirates to gain access to sensitive U.S. nuclear technology.

7. May 2009: Obama Administration slashes missile defense funding and capabilities.

8. June 2009: CIA director Panetta kills program to explore options for assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

9. September 17, 2009: Obama Administration abandons Poland and Czech missile defense.

10. October 19, 2009: White House floats Iranian nuclear fuel swap offer, saying that it is willing to give Iran all of the enriched uranium they need to run Iran’s nuclear plant in Natanz.

11. December 2, 2009: Obama announces Afghanistan surge and prompt withdrawal of troops, with will expose U.S. troops to higher levels of risk.

12. December, 4, 2009: End of U.S . on-site inspection activities in Russia.

13. December 8, 2009: President sends U.S. Ambassador to North Korea for direct one-on-one negotiations.

14. December 29, 2009: National declassification order, which results in the release of over 400 million pages of Cold War-era records, exposing a wealth of secret data on U.S.-Soviet relations.

15. January 7, 2010: Obama blames “Christmas Day Bomber” on intelligence instead of fixing the problem.

16. January 20, 2010: China is no longer a Top Intelligence Priority.

17. March 25, 2010: U.S. backs away from tougher components of nuclear Iran sanctions proposal.

18. April 7, 2010: Terms “Islam,” “Jihad” banned from National Security Strategy.

19. April 8, 2010: New Gates-Obama plan announced to gut military.

20. April 17, 2010: Secretary of Defense Gates warns that U.S. has no long-range plan to deal with nuclear Iran.

21. April 27, 2010: Obama Administration refuses to release documents on the Fort Hood shooting to Senate Committee.

22. April 30, 2010: Department of Defense announces obesity as major security threat.

23. May 2, 2010: U.S. publicly reveals the size of nuclear arsenal, which until now has been a closely-guarded secret.

24. May 8, 2010: Secretary of Defense Gates calls for more sweeping cuts to the defense budget—around $10 billion for 2012.

25. May 24, 2010: Counter-terrorism Advisor Brennan praises foreign terrorist group Hezbollah.

26. May 27, 2010: Counter-terrorism Advisor Brennan says Jihadists are not America’s enemy.

27. May 27, 2010: Obama Administration’s new national security strategy is to focus on homegrown threats, says terror is not an enemy.

28. June 11, 2010: Obama White House seeks to ease U.S. sanctions against Iran.

29. July 6, 2010: Obama Administration sues Arizona over immigration legislation.

Do you feel safer after reading that partial list, children? I know I don’t. If you want to be even more freaked out—as in freaked out to do something like vote BHO out and champion those who still dig America and think national security ought to be a major issue (duh)—you must log on to, find Buzz’s book, Conduct Unbecoming, and then click your mouse and melt your plastic and buy this razor-sharp, easy-to-read and comprehensive book on how Barack is setting us up to be crushed.

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