Imam Rauf to the USA: “Silence! I Kill You?”

Posted: Sep 12, 2010 3:12 PM

Imam Feisal Rauf, fresh from his Middle East “Good Will Tour,” where he went to spread the message of inter-faith love, unicorns and candy canes (and not to raise money to build an insulting victory mosque at Ground Zero to speed U.S. domination) appeared on Larry King Live last Wednesday night and said something that seemed sorta … kinda … well, threatening—which was peculiar given his “world healer” status, his Mr. Rogers persona, his affinity for Justin Bieber, his Benny Hinn wardrobe and his religion’s peaceful, easy feelin’.

For those who missed it, Feisal Rauf, whose name according to CAIR translates in the Farsi to “fluffy love,” told Soledad O’Brien, the unbiased and competent guest host of Larry King’s wildly popular talk show, that if bigoted Americans don’t desist with their opposition to the much needed, therapeutic and ecumenical community center built by the followers of the sweetest faith in like, forever, that the insulted Islamists will have no other recourse but to start blowing crap up! And I quote:

“If we don't do this right [i.e. go ahead and build the mosque next to where George Bush blew up the Twin Towers and capitulate to every other Islamic impulse], anger will explode in the Muslim world.”

“... If we don't handle this crisis correctly, it could become something very dangerous indeed.” (He, no doubt, is speaking metaphorically, right?)

“This crisis could become much bigger than the Danish Cartoon crisis that resulted in attacks on Danish embassies in various parts of the Muslim world.” (Huh? Is he referring to the events in which ?)

What Feisal said to O’Brien tied my mind into a pretzel because I thought the Muslim world was devoid of angry freaks who blow people up and that Jeff Dunham was just being mean when he rips on them with his insensitive Achmed the Dead Terrorist act.

Sure, according to the MSM, there are one or two in their ranks who are rank, but not nearly enough to instigate worldwide violence against Americans (if we’re to believe Daisy Khan and Rick Sanchez).

However, Feisal seems to intimate this, going against his own script (and, coincidentally, the MSM’s) by suggesting that if we offend them by not letting them build a Muslim Theme Park at Ground Zero that this will cause Muslims to explode with violence, much like the countless Islamophobic websites point out on an almost hourly basis in their highly-edited and multitudinous YouTube vids and in their propaganda-laced (according to CAIR), yet highly-trafficked blogs.

Why would Feisal say something like this about the Religion of Peace? This unveiled threat of, “if Muslims don’t get their way they’ll pick up their marbles, go home, embed ‘em into a suicide vest, get their buddies, come back, and light crap up,” sounds just like the lies the Islamophobes are hawking and not the truth we’ve been sold by Daisy, sweet Daisy.

If Feisal is right and this pisses Muslims off so thoroughly that they’re going to ramp up global violence against America then that would make them look silly, backward, petulant and intolerant; and if that’s true, we, therefore, shouldn’t budge a frickin’ inch on our opposition to the Ground Zero mosque because as we all know, mama says that giving in to bullies is wrong.

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