Ground Zero Mosque Opposition: 'You Might Be a Bigot If…'

Posted: Aug 28, 2010 9:40 PM

Just before London morphed into Londonistan and became the hotbed for international terrorism, the Muslims in the UK cowed the Brits into submission by calling them “bigots” who were being “intolerant” of their “Religion of Peace.”

If you don’t believe me, check out Melanie Phillips’ heavily footnoted book, Londonistan, which spells out with Windex-like clarity how our cousins across the pond fell under the PC spell, got neutered and now have a Muslim mess on their hands. This book will wake you the heck up regarding what’s going on right now in NYC … I ga-ron-tee!

Allow me to continue. Islam, surfing pluralism’s chipper wave of “tolerance” in the former Great Britain, effectively bullied the Brits into submission simply by calling them names. Unbelievable.

Indeed, what Adolph couldn’t do by might Islam has done to the UK by sleight. I’m sure Churchill is turning over in his grave so fast that he could light up South Beach, as the British bulldog has morphed into a capitulating poodle. And y’know what? We could be next. Our bald eagle could become a plucked chicken if we don’t play our cards right.

Check it out: Now in merry old England the Muslims have sharia courts, gargantuan enclaves, and radicals galore. They’re even having Brits’ pet dogs tossed off buses because they’re “unclean” and have just recently had history lessons about the Holocaust tossed from the public school curriculum because the topic is offensive to the Muslim youths who were taught it never happened.

The Muslims who effectively screamed that England was intolerant rose to prominence and, oddly enough, became rabidly, violently—one could say bigotedly—intolerant of the UK’s laws and liberties once they established a cultural beachhead. Golly, who’d a thunk it?

We are currently where GB was: Namely, we are being told that we cannot trust our BS detector when it comes to their reasons behind the Ground Zero Mosque or … or … we are … wait for it … we are … bigots! That’s it. We’re mean ol’ bigots.

I’m sure the Imam is thinking, Hell, the UK fell for it. Maybe, just maybe, the USA will fold like a cheap lawn chair under the weight of a false charge, as well. So, here it comes, America: The stealth jihadists have their label maker ready to go and in full spin mode. Yep, if we don’t bend over backwards and now forwards for this Ground Zero Mosque and whatever else they happen to come up with both now and forevermore then we’re haters, xenophobes, and bigots! You might as well get used to it, people, as these pathetic truth-twisters and their Blame Stream Media are not going to stop vilifying us until we cave.

According to Ground Zero Mosque’s Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan (or is it Con?), we have learned this week that:

- If you scream “bull----” every time you hear Rauf say the Ground Zero Mosque is all about “bridge building” and “healing”… then you might be a bigot.

- If you think caring about the 3,000 Americans slaughtered on 9/11 and their families’ feelings trumps being sensitive to these Mosqueteers … then you might be a bigot.

- If you think St. Nicholas’ Greek Orthodox Church, the Twin Towers and a memorial to those brutally killed on 9/11 should be built way before we even discuss this Mosque … then you might be a bigot.

- If you think turnabout is fair play and that churches and synagogues ought to be erected in Mecca … then you might be a bigot.

- If you yelled, “That figures!” when you heard Obama’s admin sent Rauf, on our dime, to the Middle East on a “Goodwill Tour”… then you might be a bigot.

- If you think it’s really weird that Rauf says he’s a moderate and yet praises Iran’s brutal regime, supports Hamas, and says that America is worse than al-Qaeda … then you might be a bigot.

- If you say “sharia this” when you hear they want our courts sharia-compliant … then you might be a bigot.

America, if being a bigot means that:

- I can’t listen to my gut,

- or suspect their motives,

- or wonder aloud how wrong it is to have a Mosque built in close proximity to such a calamity,

- or I’m disallowed to question and connect the dots with Rauf’s radical associations and statements,

- or if I do not want what has happened in Europe to ever happen here where we lose our national identity and liberties by propping up their preposterous wishes

… then I guess I might be a bigot. However, I prefer a tag of my own choosing, namely, “Islamo-nauseous,” as I am sick of them talking smack about our country while demanding everything from it.

So, just go ahead and add that baseless moniker “bigot” to the mounting and specious list of names you and the BSMedia have already saddled me with (and plenty of others who love this country). I’m cool with that because I’d rather have the pain of being called an unsubstantiated name than the pain of realizing I bought a bunch of PC radical Muslim spin 20 years from now.

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