Obama Delivers on His Transparency Promise: We’re Seeing Straight Through Him

Posted: Jan 10, 2010 4:53 PM

“Since a politician never believes what he says, he is surprised when others believe him.”

—Charles de Gaulle

I’m hearing nada from the likes of Matthews, Maddow and Olbermann regarding Obama lying to us with his many empty yet unctuous campaign promises to allow “we the plebes” a peek into the claymation of his health care crap via CSPAN.

Why the silence, sweeties? Oh, I remember why: You’re a spigot for the Obama chum slick. Silly me.

Now, you just know the aforementioned tres Chihuahuas of faux facts would have been on Bush like a condom full of PETN in Umar’s undies if Dubya would have parlayed that smack on the general populace and then failed to deliver in an oh-so-odious and obvious Obama-like way.

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However, when Obama lies to us all … I hear crickets … nuttin’ but crickets … from these deeply biased chicks on their severely unwatched propaganda programs. It must be weird to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Hope and change, morons, hope and change. Sing it, Keith, Mmm … mmm… mmm… Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama promised us transparency, and I for one believe he has delivered; I think we’re all beginning to see straight through Mr. KY. Those who bought his initial “look at me, I’m Jesus” rhetoric during the campaign are having that same “I got screwed” sensation my friend Slappy White felt when he ordered the At Home Hair Cut Kit and the inflatable girlfriend off QVC. It just ain’t working like it did on TV, man.

Gawd, you know it’s getting bad for Obama and the sand is indeed running out of his ruse when the in-the-tank White House Press Corp and the Queen of Botox & Bollocks, Nancy Pelosi, start busting his chops about his CSPAN/Health Care lies. This is truly Obama’s “read my lips” moment.

However, Keith, Chris and Rachel are not going to stop cheerleading; they’re going to ride this Obama thang out ‘til the bloody end. Indeed, they will keep singing and skipping down Lover’s Lane with a man who’s got no flippin’ problem with lying to our faces.

Now, don’t get me wrong: If Obama did air the Health Care sausage fest on CSPAN, I probably would not watch it. If I wanted to watch greedy, power hungry, scum-sucking whores who virulently do not give a flibbertigibbet about anyone or anything sell their souls, their friends’ futures, and their grandmothers’ back skin to the devil, I’ll go to South Beach. At least the people there are way better looking.

As far as I’m concerned, Obama the CSPANer is nothing more, nothing less than an Eddie Haskell with a tan—a smarmy and svelte liar you can count on to do the exact opposite of what he tells Mrs. Cleaver he will do. And the CSPAN bollocks highlights his hypocrisy with bright, fluorescent yellow hues.