The Bizarre Silence of Child Advocates on ACORN’s Child Sex Trafficking Advice

Posted: Oct 03, 2009 8:30 PM

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You know what’s weird? It’s weird that child advocacy groups (secular and religious) haven’t raised more hell regarding ACORN who, on tape, in multiple locations, and on our dime, were perfectly peachy with the potential sex trafficking of little 13-year-old El Salvadoran girls. That’s what’s weird.

Did anyone else notice that when Giles and O’Keefe’s characters said they wanted to bring underage sex slaves from El Salvador into the United States that none of those acornites so much as blinked? None of them—as in zero, zilch, zippo—said, “Get the hell outta here! I’m calling the cops!” I know some acorners said the workers protested the pimp and prostitute’s requests but . . . uh . . . the unedited tapes slam dance that fairy tale.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

Instead of slamming doors in Giles and O’Keefe’s faces, the wizards of ACORN, in the spirit of helping the black and brown amongst us, suggested . . .

- Keep ‘em (the underage prostitutes) stupid because you could lose them as hookers or they could become your competitors.

- Claim them as dependants on your taxes so you can milk the government teet. - Tell the little girls to keep their mouths shut or they’ll ruin your business of selling their young sex organs to adults.

- The San Bernardino office even offered advice to Giles and O’Keefe on how their potential Johns could beat the girls and not get busted.

What the heck, child protection folks?! Why the silence? I have not heard a word from you or the National Organization for Women when it would seem oh so apropos.

Call me loopy, but I would’ve thought somebody in your kid-defending ranks would have made the Guinness Book of World Records with the loudest angry scream ever hollered after viewing those vids. Instead, I hear crickets.

Question: Were you stunned into passivity by the revelation of what ACORN counseled? I can understand that because the BS these tools advocated was out of this world, inhumane, straight from the bowels of hell, and would make the most focused and hardened amongst us dazed and confused.

Yep, being fish slapped with that 411 could understandably make the best and the brightest go numb and silent . . . for awhile. But like witnessing any catastrophe, the initial shock should have worn off and at least one of you should have heard the internal call to duty to make a big noise to right this nasty wrong.

The silence is strange because from what I’ve read, the sex traffic trade can be brutal to children, y’know with the kidnapping, drugs, human containers and repeated rapes and all. It’s hardly High School Musical III or even Pretty Woman, for that matter.

We have heard virulent condemnation from Rush, Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly. We’ve witnessed the dissing of ACORN by the IRS, DOJ, Treasury, US Census Bureau, both the House and the Senate, Bank of America, Jay Leno and John Stewart. I even have an unconfirmed report that Satan has blocked ACORN on his Facebook page . . . but we haven’t heard diddly from you dudes.

Call me crazy, but this whole ACORN underage sex trafficking thingamajig is something, I would imagine, that you guys would be throwing a full-on Tasmanian fit about: namely, the government funding of un-frickin’-believable, can’t scrape it off your shoe criminal conspiracy by ACORN, a non-profit organization, to destroy kids on the most dastardly, malevolent level. I would think you all would be going Judas Priest and would be the tip of the spear in demanding a thorough probe into ACORN’s seedy “community organizing.”

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