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If our nation goes down the secular crapper, then I lay a lot of the blame on the limp-wrist Christian media. Yep, I condemn Christian TV, Christian radio stations and Christian publishers that have the power and the audience to pump truth to the masses but have instead chosen to peddle spiritual candy rather than the unvarnished verities that the church and our nation need.

As far as I’m concerned, if Christians don’t speak, sing or write to the serious issues of their day then they’re about as useful to us and to God as teats on a boar hog.


Aside from Dobson and his crew at Focus and a smattering of other luminaries, you don’t hear many of the overt Christian writers or talking heads speaking even mildly to the sassy secularists who are hell-bent on wrecking this land.

What’s the matter, ladies? Are you afraid you’ll lose your love offerings, your BMWs, or your 501(c)(3)? It’s unbelievable to me how these “Christian” corporations can be silent, for whatever reason, in this raging cultural war. You, sir/ma’am, are a disgrace to your post. Good luck at the judgment seat.

Y’know, I appreciate O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and others who go to bat on behalf of Christian principles, but it would be kind of nice to see some more pastors in that mix also. Ted Nugent brings more truth to the table than most pastors and priests do on radio, TV and in print.

Again, I’m glad for Bill, Sean, Glenn and Ted’s defiant input, but the insane silence amongst the brethren, especially the boys who run the so called mega-churches, to me is both pitiful and immoral. No matter how you want to slice your silence, Christian ministers and corporations, your mute mouth is cowardice of the highest order and a betrayal of our nation’s Christian heritage.

Being in the radio business and an author myself, here’s why I believe these various industries have put forth generic voices rather than specific punches: They don’t want to offend anybody. They have been converted into thinking that being Christ-like means being nice and eating whatever slop the secularists shovel down their throats. Political correctness has clipped their ‘nads and their vocal chords. Therefore, they won’t let anyone name names, they won’t allow the talent to get raw, they can’t permit a rowdy sense of humor, and they will not encourage men to be men about the issues lest someone . . . God forbid . . . get offended.

Here’s a big FYI to the boys in charge of these various vapid corporations: You’re more like Neville Chamberlain than you are like Jesus Christ, who would not pawn flapdoodle off on his friends, followers or foes. He could not turn a blind eye to that which was antithetical to his person and his work. He couldn’t do it. He was married to the truth. What are you married to?





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