The Duplicity of Hope: The Amazing Allegiance of Obama’s Believers

Posted: Mar 22, 2008 12:36 PM
The Duplicity of Hope: The Amazing Allegiance of Obama’s Believers

Barack Obama came out this past week in Philly and denied knowing that his pastor (for the last 20 years, not days or months, but 20 years) is a mad black anti-American racist. Not only did Barack deny knowing that his scribe was an unpatriotic, imbalanced bigot, but he also said he didn’t even know Wright was black until last Monday. Obama had been thinking all along that “Uncle” Jeremiah was Chinese or something.

In addition to B-HO telling his followers 1.) he did not know that irreverent Wright was a hater and that, 2.) he didn’t discern that JW was black, he went on to enlighten his sheeple that :

• OJ is an upstanding guy

• Courtney Love is still a virgin

• Donald Trump doesn’t have a bad comb over

• Madonna gets hotter every year

• Heather Mills is not a gold diggin’ monopod

• Ryan Seacrest is as straight as they come

• Mary Kate and Ashley have chunky thighs, and . . .

• Pam Anderson’s ta-tas are for real.

After he declared these 10 truths unto his disciples—who sport the requisite Ban roll-on glaze upon their eyes—the flock, in one accord, lifted up their voices and said, “We worship you Oh, Obama! You can do no wrong!”

Chris Matthews was in the crowd and let out a shrill scream, shouting, “Yes! Amen! Glory, hallelujah! Obama I love you!” Chris then tried to do a cartwheel like Cuba Gooding, Jr. did at the Oscars, but because he’s old and flabby he wasn’t able to pull it off. But it was exciting and everyone rejoiced! Afterwards, Matthews was overheard telling Olbermann backstage that Barack is cuter than American Idol hopeful David Archuleta, to which Keith agreed.

With Barack having delivered his oracle unto the congregation and the people actually believing his prophetic word, peace returned unto his temporarily rumpled camp, and all those in Obamaville were glad.

I’ve got to confess: I’m envious of Obama’s oglers. Yes, I am green over their amazing level of faith in their leader who, when caught red-handed hanging out for last 20 years with one of the most vile race baiters in our nation, could cleverly deny sharing his sentiments, even though he’d been volitionally and intimately under his tutelage for that past 7,300 days.

Yes, the inhabitants of Obamaville believe that their sage, Obama Almighty, can lie with dogs and not rise with fleas. Unlike us ordinary plebeians, Obama the Great is not to be known by the company he keeps, and the biblical maxim that “bad company corrupts good morals,” well . . . that crap doesn’t apply to Barack. (BTW: the New Black Panther Party just endorsed Barack. But that doesn’t mean anything).

Yes indeed, my beloved, Obama is impervious to the fouling effects of befriending and following fools. Machiavelli was wrong, Benjamin Franklin was wrong, and the Apostle Paul was wrong when they said that you are right to judge a person based upon the company he keeps. It’s sweet (and amazing) to see this kind of faith in Obama’s compound, especially since so many of his lock-steppers are admittedly nonreligious. David Koresh, if he were alive, would be impressed.

This kind of devotion takes me back to the cabal that gathered outside of the courtroom where Bugliosi was prosecuting Charlie. Matter of fact, I could have sworn I saw Squeaky Fromme in the crowd when the camera panned the audience at B-HO’s Philly speech.

I, on the other hand, am not blessed with this level of faith. For example: As of right now I’m going to vote for McCain. Having said that, if it were to come out that for the last two decades McCain went to I’m Nuttier Than a Squirrel Turd Baptist Church where the pastor . . .

• cavorted with David Duke

• visited famous nazis

• air humped to augment a point in his homily (nothing like simulating a sex act in church to drive home the “sermon”)

• and told people that the Liberals were putting gonorrhea on Caucasian’s sandwiches to hamstring our noble race

. . . and McCain knew this and didn’t, A. rebuke him. B. rebuke him again if the pastor was not contrite. C. at least try to taser the pastor if he still was not repentant so that he could scrape his frontal lobe in a merciful attempt to try to get him to dial down with his supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Then, by fiat, I would have to conclude (call me weird) that McCain shared the sentiments of his demented sage and would therefore not get my vote.

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