Blair needs to channel Churchill

Posted: Jul 23, 2005 12:00 AM

Evidently “moderate Muslims” in the UK didn’t read my column last week—either that or they really dropped the ball, as London has once again been slapped by terrorists.   As of Friday, July 22nd at 3pm, we have pictures, but we do not know for certain what religion the bombers were or if the bombings were even religiously motivated.  But I’m feeling risky, so . . . I’m going to venture out there and say that the bombers were Muslim.  Whaddya’ think? 

I’m sure there is a chance they might be rabid tee totaling English Baptists that were really ticked off by Guinness sales in British pubs.  Or maybe they were a really peeved faction of midget nuns offended at the use of the Oompa Loompas in Tim Burton’s Charley and the Chocolate Factory.  Possibly.  But my cash is on Islam and their “let’s continue to show the planet how warped we are” campaign.

Y’know . . . I like Tony Blair. I really do.  I just wish he (and others) would officially cease the PC rhetoric, because it isn’t working. And it will never work in eradicating an Islamic threat.  Tony, if you’re listening, wise up: Being a nice, post-modern, pluralistic politician doesn’t work with archaic, theologically-twisted-around-the-axle zealots who’re cushioned by a global support base. 

I’m kind of thinking we are failing to appreciate the millenniums of unmitigated murderous madness that’s behind Islam.  In addition, I think we think that we can easily move them away from their destructive bents and thus, pull us (the belligerent infidels) out of their cross hairs.  Two words for that type of sentiment: Yeah, right!  How naïve.  Pollyanna, it ain’t gonna happen . . . at least not with this crew. 

Get it?  Got it?  Good. 

Their “death to the west” wishes have been, are and will continue to be a part of the Muslim milieu until Jesus returns.  They roll off the assembly line equipped with this as a standard feature, and anyone who tells you something different is full, I said FULL, of crap.  Their loathing of us, the Great Satan freedom-loving losers, will not change unless moderate Muslims completely revise the Quran, which will, of course, spawn a religious civil war that Ridley Scott will not be able to replicate on film.

The Brits are in deeps weeds with Muslim mayhem, and solid wartime leadership is a must if they want to put this rabble down for good.  I’d like to see Prime Minister Blair hit metaphysical roam on his cell phone and get an audience with Churchill.  You know Churchill is up in heaven right now burning a big fat Cohiba Sublime with Yahweh, as they both sit in the board room watching this crud go down.  Yeah, I say Blair needs to interrupt Winston in his felicitous heavenly state.  I’m sure there are several things Winston would like to tell Tony, namely:

1. Do not gloss smoothly about appeasement and sensitivity in regards to this vocal, vicious and heavily financed internal (that’s internal) Islamic threat.

2. Don’t try to explain and defend the rights and freedoms of Muslim teenagers who spin songs, host websites or blog in honor of OBL, 9/11 or 7/7.

3. Do the math and think it weird and worth noting that Islam is breeding an inordinate amount of rank followers, who feed off developed doctrine and have a long track record of killing those who do not buy their star and crescent bumper stickers.

4. Do not allow anti-West Muslims, who detest Great Britain and who advocate violence against Great Britain (either overtly or covertly) to go unmonitored, unfettered and unafraid on one square inch of British soil. 

5. If Muslims persist in their hatred, but want to continue to live in the lap of our luxury in our beautiful and free “Great Satan” society, then we revoke their citizenship and send them packing to their antiquated sand storm land via an old oil tanker. 

You know in your gut it is going to take Churchill-like action to stymie, stomp and stop these terrorists and their progeny. Nothing less will stop this mess.

Finally, I say we adopt a new universal M.O. regarding the religions we’ll tolerate and how various religions will cooperatively operate.  We will continue to allow people to worship whatever or whomever, whenever they want—just as long as the UN declaration of Human Rights is not violated; this meanzzzz-a . . . that innocent people don’t get killed because their “god” told them to do it. 

If the various religions obey the above, then we don’t revoke their charters in this cosmic Kum Ba Ya conglomerate.   If they don’t obey, then the planet goes to war with them and turns their houses of worship into grease stains with an historical marker memorializing their stupidity.  The memorial would read,  “Here lies the remains of a people who thought they could believe whacked stuff and kill innocent people, all the while thinking that they were doing god a favor.  We thought differently. Let this be a sign to all would-be imitators of these highly confused monsters to be afraid . . . be very afraid.”

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