American Evangelicalism: A Non-Prophet Organization

Posted: Oct 30, 2004 12:00 AM

?If Christ were to go to the Christian Booksellers Convention
[CBA] and see all the crap being hawked with his name on it,
he could spend all day there turning over the tables.  The reason
why we have a problem with this, and not with the account
of Christ cleansing the temple two thousand years ago, is that
in this scenario, Christ is messing with our tables, our profits,
our religious scams.  Everybody is against two thousand year
old sins.  But it takes a prophet to be against the currently
approved abominations.? -Douglas Wilson

You know what the church needs more than Joan Rivers needs her plastic surgeon, a case of support hose and a lifetime supply of Xanax?  We need ten thousand John get-out-of-my-face-and-get-on-your-knees-before-God the Baptists.  That?s right: we need a mega-dose of truly prophetic ministers to lead us in these days of adversity.
Now, when I speak of our need of prophets, I?m not talking about those charismatic/Pentecostal fortune-telling soothsayers, AKA Dionne Warwick, who can tell you your 7th grade locker number and your mother?s maiden name and predict that six months from now you?ll be arrested at Miami International Airport as you try to sneak 11 joints through airport security in your lipstick case.  That?s not the prophetic ministry I?m speaking of.
The prophetic ministers I?m talking about are the thunder-clapping, devil-threatening, idol-smashing, truth dealers who can effectively lead the body of Christ out of the fog of its current compromise, cowardice and general fuzziness and into the light of conviction, courage and straightforward clarity.
The Church is currently up against difficulties and deceptions, within the Church and around the world, that border on the abysmally black hole of the Dark Ages. 
As if that weren?t enough for committed Christians to deal with, the events of 9/11 and the last three years have added two heaping tablespoons of Islamic Cayenne pepper to the ?let?s get rid of Christianity? soup. 
Check it out.  We have to deal with Marilyn Manson wearing a unitard with uber-white quail legs, at the same time we have to deal with secular humanism growing within our culture faster than the lint ball in James Gandolfini?s navel ? at the same time as we are fending off Islamic radicals who view us as infidels.  They see our nation, freedom and culture as ?the great Satan? who would love nothing more than to see Charlie?s Angels dressed in berkas.
Our mission field in postmodern America is governed by demons that make demons tremble.  We?re up against world rulers of wickedness and spiritual forces of darkness for which a simple ?kum ba ya, my Lord? will not suffice.
As I see it, the Church has two options: 
1)  Run like Tommy Lee after accidentally stepping into a luncheon led by Rosie O?Donnell, or
2)  Stand up, shape up and solidly enter into the spiritual fray with tools to tackle the powers of darkness, head on.
I?ll argumentatively argue for the latter argument, thanks.
It?s time for courageous Christian men and women to step up to the plate and for all the little tinker pot girlie men to retreat to the stands and sit there with Mummy until the dust clears.
In times of crisis our area of critical need is for leaders who can think widely and deeply, who can lead courageously and bring our great nation and the Church through spiritual obfuscation and demonic debilities.  We must resurrect biblical truth, and apply it even-handedly to all of society during these days of decline. 
This means Lamb Chop, Kermit and all Evangelical marionettes occupying pulpits and pews must sit down and hush because the times demand prophets.
We need prophets who could care less about:
·          Political Correctness
·          Style over Substance
·          What the Masses and Wusses are Yapping for
·          Being Popular
My ClashPoint is this: I?m not a doom and gloomer.  It is not as if we are approaching the end of civilization?s road;   it?s not even the beginning of the end.  Most likely, it is the end of the beginning ? who knows where we stand from an eschatological view point?  However, I do know where we stand from an ecclesiastical and missiological point of view.  We stand where we have always been supposed to stand, as the pillar of truth who proclaim it publicly and globally, applying it fully to all of life.
And guess what, Church?  Just as Ringo said, ?You know it don?t come easy.? 

Come on ? we don?t need anymore nicety-nice clergy in charge of churches that don?t equip us to face the real issues confronting our church and culture.  We can do without spineless crowd pleasers, can?t we?  We really do not need narcissistic, solipsistic, pseudo saints.  What we need are prophets, stalwart sons and daughters who will speak and defend truth, freedom and human rights in the face of atheism, lies and hellbent special interest groups!