Allawi KO?s Kerry

Posted: Sep 25, 2004 12:00 AM

It must have been tough for Kerry to watch his Democratic buddies give Iraq's Prime Minister Allawi standing ovations as he spoke to a joint session of Congress, Wednesday.  Think of the anguish JFK, too, must have gone through seeing his liberal colleagues indirectly congratulate George Bush. 

Reporters covering the Kerry campaign may have heard the Senator?s ulcers growl, each time his Congressional colleagues gave the Iraqi PM an overwhelming ovation.  Watching the guys supposedly standing behind him in the campaign, vociferously applaud the noble Iraqi leader and ally of Bush and the rest of America, must have been galling. 

Maybe it?s payback for taking off his uniform and standing with the enemy against every American who fought in Vietnam during his meretricious mendacity before the Fulbright Committee, on national TV and on two Paris trips  to meet with the North Vietnamese enemy.

It was awesome to hear Allawi -- who Saddam tried to assassinate, who is actually there in Baghdad risking his life 24/7 -- as he gave Bush, America and the Coalition troops kudos for shredding Saddam and now getting rid of the ragweed extremists who want to keep Iraq enslaved.  Thank you, Prime Minister, for thanking us and giving us an eye-witnessed, favorable report.  We sure aren?t getting either gratitude or an unbiased picture from CBS, NBC or ABC.

These three nutworks, TV?s Axis of Drivel, run negative reports on Abu Ghraib prison cruelty, on American soldiers? death tolls, on terrorist beheadings of relief workers and on the insurgents in just three of Iraq?s 18 provinces.  Then, they?ll do an interview with a Muslim mendicant breathing murderous threats, and never cover the massive forward strides to freedom and democratic government in this once tyrannized nation.

Think about it, skeptics: Iraq will have free elections for the first time in its history.  For more than 80 years there was been no such thing as a free vote.  Sitting at Starbuck?s drinking our skinny no foam mocha latte, sweetened only with three shots of Splenda, it is hard to comprehend not having free elections, much less the brutal slavery in which 28 million Iraqis have lived.

For nearly 30 years Saddam was the only person on the ballot ? and you voted, if you valued your life.  The last time he ?ran? for President, a couple of years ago, Saddam received 99.6% of the vote.  Believe it or not, it was much worse than Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties combined. 

During his reign of terror if you spoke out against Saddam, you could count on being sodomized, having your tongue cut off or watching your teenaged daughter gang raped by Udai and Qusai ? or perhaps a combination of the above. Now, that?s not a problem, with Saddam festering in jail and his boys roasting in hell.

It was refreshing to get Allawi?s take on the insurgencies in Iraq.  He views the terrorists? flurry of activity not as a sign of strength, but of desperation.  They are upping their attacks in a few provinces to derail the coming elections in the US and later in Iraq ? kind of like John Kerry trying anything and everything as he tries to salvage his shipwrecked campaign. 

That is why we should solidly step up our military attacks -- not back down an inch -- and stomp the bathetic Ba?athist bong resin and the imported Iranian  irregulars into snail slime, so freedom can truly ring in the long-oppressed, messed-up Middle East.  We must show the rag headed rabble we won?t be intimidated and that we are willing to pay the cost and go the distance, because freedom for Iraq shows long suffering citizens in other terror-tantalizing lands they can break out of the devastating, dictatorial, declining state of their societies.

We need to demonstrate to the terrorists ? and to the backsliders in France and Germany -- that we believe in fighting and dying for a noble cause like liberty.  Watching a grateful Allawi cheered on by the entire membership of our Congress warmed my belly and made me proud to be an American.

Not so for the DNC?s presidential wannabe.  With tight-pursed lips, mock civility and a clenched jaw, Kerry relieved himself like a drunken alley cat on everything Allawi said.  At Carville?s command, Kerry would have us believe the Iraqi patriot is a Bush administration puppet, going so far as to imply that Allawi was lying, deceiving the world about the true state of Iraq.  For Kerry to accuse Allawi of lying is similar to Michael Jackson calling William Buckley freaky.

My ClashPoint is this: call me na? but I believe Allawi?s report that Iraq is better off, and I believe the world is better off with the offing of Saddam and company. Even though this war has taken somewhat longer than most microwave Americans and Europeans would like, Allawi reports the overwhelming majority of Iraqis are very grateful for the Coalition?s military intervention and liberation. 

This is not taking too long, morons?.  It?s a war, Spanky, and wars are not a fluff and fold situation.  Establishing democracy despite extremist Muslim lunacy is not accomplished in a week and, yes, we?ll have to pay retail to see it established.

But some things are worth paying full price for ? establishing a free and just society in a nation surrounded by fellows of a bizarre and baser sort is not something we can buy at Costco.  If we can set a beacon for democracy beaming in Baghdad, it will have a huge and positive impact on every country in the region, and materially diminish the attraction of terrorism to currently hopeless millions.

Sometimes we have to show love by laying our lives down for our friends.  In doing so, we can be sure that we will be rewarded many, many times over.