RNC TNT Clobbers Kerry

Posted: Sep 04, 2004 12:00 AM

 The Democrats are recoiling from the Republican National Convention more than Michael Moore does when faced with health food, sit-ups, shaving cream and Christopher Hitchens.  The GOP convention has diminished the already moderate winds in the tattered sails trying to propel the crippled craft called Kerry?s campaign. 

It?s got to be painful to back someone who lacks so much of ? well ? so much, like John Flipper Kerry does.  Face it.  If he didn?t have his wife?s late husband?s money to prop up his feckless political career or Doug Brinkley?s plastic surgical biographical skills to make a silk purse out of a sow?s ear, he would be working at a Border?s bookstore, hosting their ?Americans? for Socialism? poetry read during Tuesday?s Open Mike Night.

Lordy, how they scrambled even before the GOP convention finished!  Kerry?s doing midnight rebuttal meetings still using his Vietnam ?tours? of duty ? all four months of it --  as the main reason he should be allowed to screw up our country.  Not since Jeff Fenholt?s milking of a dubious Black Sabbath stint has someone made more out of a short and very questionable ?tour.? 

Yes, it has got to hurt to be an adamant Democrat.

Think of the pain which the Democrats were forced to withstand during the Republican convention:

1. Watching John McCain forcefully endorse President Bush for re-election, Kerry and his crew must have woefully recalled how they tried to snooker McCain into taking the Dems? Vice Presidential nomination ? just before The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth launched their devastating television ads and released their book, Unfit for Command, now number one on the New York Times Non-Fiction best sellers list.  But the attempts to somehow use McCain for their party?s purpose went decisively south when Senator McCain gave major props to our current commander-in-chief and decisively dissed the Dems? darling, the Minister of Misinformation, Michael Moore.  The pain had to be intense, as they reflected on McCain?s  big Democratic and Independent following in addition to his multitudinous Republican backers.  Those who love McCain on the left, right and center had to be moved by his gracefully delivered and deftly defended salute to his former competitor, his watertight case for the war in Iraq and his moving tribute to the armed services.

2. Another source for agonizing angst for the Democrats must have been watching America?s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, enthusiastically back Bush.  Imagine the Dems? anguish, as they try to get voters to ignore the man who pulled the world?s most diverse and powerful city together after the greatest attack in history on the American homeland.  Imagine the labor involved in trying to figure out what to say or do or allege to get thinking Democrats and Independents not to follow this proven leader of leaders ?  and hilarious Republican communicator.  What kind of sweat is entailed in getting the liberals? teetering moderate constituency to look away from Giuliani who might differ from President Bush on social issues but properly gives them a backseat to the main cause at hand: the war on terror?

3. You know Kerry?s cabal has got that sick, sinking feeling watching Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The Democrats -- so proud of their anything but middle-America Hollyweird crowd and their jaded, stupefied endorsements -- must have wanted to hurl their vegan lunch when Arnold took the stage and verbally gut-punched their liberal pundits to the mat.  Arnold was on fire, informative, and infectious.  Governor Schwarzenegger has five things that Kerry?s barely employed, screw loose Tinseltown mob lack: comedy, class, courage, conviction and a huge crowd.  Ouch, Arnold ? very ouch.

4. Then we have First Lady Laura Bush.  Mrs. Bush must have laid the pain to the lefties when she elegantly took the stage and spoke of her husband?s presidential accomplishments and his personal character, rather than ramble incoherently about her life?s journey and toss a gratuitous bone to her financially dependent husband.  Laura Bush could have read beef jerky recipes, yodeled, gargled with Listerine and played the spoons and still come off better than Teresa Heinz Janis Joplin Kerry did at the Democrats? convention.  Part of George W. Bush?s greatness lies next to him in bed every night in the form of the haven?t-seen-a- woman-like-this in a long time, classy Laura Bush.

5. You know Senator Zell Miller must have made the Democrats long for a carload of Miller Lite with his speech.  To have a Democrat systematically pull their wet noodle candidate apart like an eagle on a rabbit carcass, probably leaves a stubborn Democrat no other recourse or relief than sucking on a brew or ten.  Of course, they could castigate Zell and for diversion?s sake state that his speech is unimportant because  -- horror of horrors! -- he was angry.  And being angry towards the ludicrous left is a No-No, no?  The argument runs that because Zell was angry we should not listen to him, but instead disbelieve his accurate rehearsal of Senator Kerry?s Senate voting record where JFK, too,  opposed

· the B-1 bomber,
· the B-2 bomber,
· the F-14A Tomcat,
· the modernized F-14D,
· the Apache helicopter,
· the F-15 Eagle,
· the Patriot missile,
· the Aegis air-defense cruiser,
· the Trident missile,
· the Strategic Defense Initiative
      [which he joined the left in derisively calling ?Star Wars?].

And despite the fact every one of these defense systems has been successful and importantly contributed to the freeing of millions of people, we must simply believe Kerry will be strong on defense.

My ClashPoint is this:  Unlike Kerry during the DNC, Bush at the RNC clearly laid out his vision for us both domestically and militarily while Cheney humorously gave Kerry?s vacillating Senatorial voting record a swift kick to the shins.  The Democratic kicker is that Bush and Cheney found enthusiastic acceptance within a very diverse yet unified Republican, Democrat and Independent crowd!  This has got to be quite the pain in the Democratic derri?.  They must be thinking, ?How can this be??  ?How can moderate Democrats, Independents and Republicans and staunchly conservative Republicans get along in such a party when the only thing that works for us Dems is political inbreeding and cloning? 

Well, kids, Bush?s double-digit lead in the polls boils down to the fact that in the midst of our social and fiscal differences, we understand something that the left doesn?t seem to get: we are at war with an implacable enemy who has nothing to negotiate, who hates us and who wants us dead.  Therefore, first things first: we are focused on stopping those people -- the terrorists --  on their turf, and crippling nations that support them in wanting to kill us and all freedom loving people. 

We do this, because with them still around we cannot continue this great American experiment and export freedom to other countries.  And it is here, at this aggressive militaristic point, where the resolute George W. Bush makes the questionable John Forbes Kerry look positively scary.