Kerry?s Crowd: Sweating, Squealing & Sinking

Posted: Aug 28, 2004 12:00 AM

A fat guy in Miami wearing sackcloth, eating habanera peppers and doing pushups on sheet metal at noon in late August would sweat less than Kerry and his cronies, these days.  It seems the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have caused the Democrats to perspire profusely. 

What?s happened to Mr. Perfect?  Could he have, uhhh, been less than accurate concerning his valiant Vietnam days?  Did he just exaggerate ? or did he lie? -- when he testified and speechified about those atrocious atrocities?  Did he really believe that Ramsey Clark had it right on his return from Hanoi, when he said our POWs were being treated well by the North Vietnamese?
Kerry?s camp is losing its collective cool, and not without cause.  In fact, they?re coming unhinged like a stuck door at Jackie Chan?s house.  They are squealing louder than the wild boar I hit in the spine with a 100 grain Muzzy broad-head launched from my High Country bow while hunting in Texas. 

Have you seen the liberal commentators on TV discussing this stuff with a Swift Boat Vet for Truth or someone who has actually read Unfit for Command and now has serious problems with Kerry?s war claims?  They?re straight tripping.  Watch them! 

Try this: next time you see John O?Neill or one of the other Swifties or an objective, Kerry questioning guest being ?interviewed? on one of those lopsided talk shows, turn the sound down on your TV and just observe the body language of the opposing forces.

The Bush haters are shifting, scratching, hemming, hawing and twitching like a 14 year old Amish boy whose mother has just fond his Playboy stash in the horse?s feed bag.  If you sat through Psych 101 in your undergraduate days, you?ll know that they know they?re skating on thin and melting ice.  Conversely, watching O?Neill and company sit in utter confidence, calmly answering -- when and if allowed -- with pause-free precision every question shot at them, communicates that these dudes are either telling the truth ? or else they are Lecter-like in their psychosis.

Since the critics of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth cannot deal honorably with the heat created by Unfit for Command, since they cannot respond to the evidence the Swifties have piled on their candidate, and since they cannot give any substantive reason for Kerry?s egregious and slanderous lies in ?71 before the Senate and on TV, they revert to:

1. Constantly interrupting the Swifties or their supporters while they?re speaking, never allowing them to complete a thought, or ?

2. They go Tourette Syndrome on them screaming uncontrollably, and if that doesn?t work?

3. They strategically roll their eyes, and if that doesn?t work?

4. They flail their arms angrily in the air like an enraged Nell, and if that doesn?t work?

5. They kick them off their talk show like Chris Matthews did Michelle Malkin on Hardball.  Hey, Michelle, don?t take Chris? oaf-like behavior personally.  He?s got to be upset that the Fox Report, Seinfeld re-runs, and The Animal Planet keep pulling his remaining viewers, who by now must be mostly his relatives, away from his show. And the final tactic the desperate losing left reverts to is?

6. Hypocritically hollering for the Swifties? to be stifled while their 527s continue to churn out their villainous venom for the anti-Bushites, and the heavily biased NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MTV and VH1 crowd.

In the end, if I were liberal, you wouldn?t catch me arduously defending Kerry.  Yes, they are desperate to get their ideology back on top in Washington and out to the masses, where their ideas and programs will once again be proven disastrous, but I wouldn?t be looking to Kerry to be poster boy for my beliefs. 

Remember, Senator Kerry is their plan B.  Plan A was Howard Dean.  He was el Salvador right up until his Exorcist, watch-my-head-spin, moment in Iowa and then their party collectively said, ?Holy Schnikeys!  We?ve got to get someone else!!!?
The problem was when they turned to look to another candidate, the choices were ? pretty thin.  It must have been like arriving at a party a little late where the only thing left to drink is a hot, half-empty can of Schlitz, the only thing left to eat is a half-chewed pickle, and the only girl left to hit on is Courtney Love who?s passed out in the fireplace.

Choosing among Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton and John Kerry had to be tough.  Given the Swifties? heavily footnoted allegations; given Kerry?s continued caginess in not directly, line-for-line, answering their contentions, coupled with his continued insult to hundreds of thousands of vets who honorably served in a scandalous war ? is this the peg on which you want to hang your hat?  Hey, this is a man whose photos are preserved in the Vietcong anti-American war museum!

Why can?t we seriously question Kerry?  Could it be that a bipartisan group of more than 250 vets who served spitting distance from Kerry might be right?  The only way for us to know is not as Max Cleland blustered, for Bush ?to put up or shut up?, but for Kerry to face and respond to the accusations, clearly.

My ClashPoint is this:  Why the trepidation, lefties, if you?re standing on such solid, holy ground in defending your would be supreme leader?  Why are you seemingly coming apart at the seams?  Truth is confident ? secure ? and okay when questioned.  And so are those who side with truth.  The nervousness, the overreaction by your liberal camp followers and the blind hypocrisy in wailing for the emasculation of free speech if it is contrary to your position, causes the moderate Democrat and the independent voter to think there may be something to what the Swifties are saying. 

You see, ?truth needs no defense?, as Charles Spurgeon said.  ?It is a lion that simply needs to be let out of its cage.?  The Liberals? continued knee jerking, sophomoric defense tactics scream that they?re busted and are trying to make the masses look the other way.  Instead of denouncing these vets who have a right to air their opinion why not tell JFK, too, to report for duty, burnish his medals, brandish his reports, and have a fresh debate with John O?Neill, 33 years after he lost the first time around?