Conservatives and Liberals: Apples and Orgies

Posted: Jun 26, 2004 12:00 AM

If you're a high school or college graduate and you actually remember your Animal House purple haze school daze, then, more than likely, you learned that the Liberals are the good guys and the Conservatives are Hitler's crazy cousins.

The "historical" record of the 20th century has been shaded by Liberal spin doctors more than Richard Simmons' eyelids, in preparation for a night out on South Beach. The Left's dedication to telling the truth makes Baghdad Bob look like John the Baptist. And God help you if you ever challenge them on their misinformation: they stand by their "hysterical" (or did they say, historical?) record to the end.

Disagreeing with Liberal machinations inside or beyond the Beltway, within the Public School system, in Hollywood or The New York Times, with ABC News' Peter Jennings or The Today Show's Katie Couric will bring down upon you the full wrath of their blathering mouths and trendy Mont Blanc pens. Those who actually have the nerve to naysay the Liberals' endless distortions will be called more foul names than a French tourist who cuts off Dennis Leary in heavy traffic on the I-95.

You've got it: the new thought police of the 21st century have made it as difficult as they can for conservatives to express contrary thoughts.

If you believe in God, that God who has standards for people and nations, that God who holds us accountable, that God who blesses righteousness and curses lawlessness--both in time and in eternity--well, then, you'd better brace yourself.

If you believe in the traditional family, that there are multifaceted reasons why God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Todd, then grab a crash helmet.

If you believe in the Ten Commandments, that a society can function and thrive only where there is a principled adherence to these objective truths and that a society will commit national suicide if it blows off these self-evident verities, then you'd better fasten the chinstrap on your crash helmet.

And if you believe that government isn't there to be your wet nurse, that affirmative action entails an alarm clock, that Islamic radicals shouldn't fly business class post 9/11, that Hillary looks and acts like the Bride of Chucky, that the U.S. is one step away from Euro-socialism and that character, faith and virtue are non-negotiable if this nation is to continue to be Valedictorian of the planet: then you, my principled, nation-loving friend, better finish your preparations and put on an athletic cup because the treacherous left will aim its hammer below your belt.

My ClashPoint is this. There is a big difference between liberals and conservatives. We're not talking apples and oranges, folks, but apples and orgies. In her latest book, "Treason", Ann Coulter puts it clearly:

"Conservatives believe man was created in God's image, while liberals believe they are gods. All of the behavioral tics of the liberals proceed from their godless belief that they can murder the unborn because they, the liberals, are themselves gods. They try to forcibly create 'equality' through affirmative action and wealth redistribution because they are gods. They flat-out lie, with no higher power to constrain them, because they are gods. They adore pornography and the mechanization of sex because man is just an animal, and they are gods. They revere the U.N. and not the U.S. because they aren't Americans--they are gods."

It-s hard for salt of the earth, hard working, hard playing pro-American types to wrap their minds around why their liberal neighbors hate the U.S. so much. But liberals do, and it's a staple of their worldview's diet. They reflexively root for that which will undo our great land.

As far as the liberals are concerned, the battle is joined ... the war is on. We must recognize the primal nature of the contest, the fundamental loathing the left has for virtually everything that conservatives cherish.

Concerned citizens of our amazing country need to be aware of the fear and loathing of the liberals and meet them head on at the polls, through the media and in the public square.