Bold Bush Versus Scary Kerry

Posted: Apr 03, 2004 12:00 AM

Before 9/11, President George W. Bush seemed like a mediocre President, concerned with mediocre issues, whose defeat in the next election was already being prophesied by the Democrats ? and the Liberal Media?s Axis of Drivel.

Heck, before he was elected President, people were saying that choosing between Bush and Gore was like choosing between listening to your sister?s first clarinet recital or watching Janet Reno floss.

You remember the shtick leveled at George W. by Saturday Night Live.  Bush was portrayed as a vacuous, vapid frat rat ? an inarticulate, partying, C student, living prodigally off ?41?s? bank roll, unable to pin the head on Chechnya?s president, point to Sri Lanka on the map or right a Rubik?s cube.  He was touted as a bumbling, intellectual lightweight whose main source of entertainment was catching horny toads and doing one-syllable crossword puzzles.

The polluted mainstream press portrayed Bush as an incompetent who was in way over his head. 

The media mongrels doubted W?s ability to run our country ? maybe Texas or the Texas Rangers, but govern the nation?  Never!  According to the spin, this well-financed Richie Rich who wore Wranglers and sported a Stetson had been promoted by Daddy Bush and his friends to his level of incompetence.

Suffice it to say his critics weren?t getting the ?George Washington? vibe from George W?.  Until 9/11/2001 that is, when 19 Arab Muslim hijackers armed with box cutters, commandeered four huge passenger jets loaded with thousands of pounds of jet fuel, crashed two of them into the WTC, one into the Pentagon and another, intended for the Capitol Building, into a field in western Pennsylvania.

Thousands of moms and dads, sons and daughters, policemen and firemen from the United States of America, as well as 80 other nations, were liquated in one bloody morning of terror.

Here?s when the chads truly hit the fan, and the mundane became mitigated.  Given this new milieu, the immediate response called for courage and clarity.  And voil?nbsp; Mr. Inarticulate and Mediocre rose to the occasion.

All of a sudden [supposedly], we?ve got a man with a mission who feels and sees a serious calling.  Suddenly, much to the chagrin of the Liberal Spinmeisters, we see a steely-eyed statesman: a leader who shows competence, lucidity, wisdom and a profound depth of character in the aftermath of the most horrendous attack ever on this great nation. 

And then we have John F. Kerry.  No matter how much he plays up his war record, no matter how often he uses his JFK initials, no matter how many extreme makeovers he has, he just can?t stop dithering vis-?is the War in Iraq and oscillating over the War on Terrorism.  This guy must spend hours removing the splinters from his seat, from straddling the fence so much.

Kerry flip-flops on issues like a beached grouper groping for water. One day he votes to authorize the President to go to war.  A few months later, after the Coalition, including 130 thousand American troops, fought and brilliantly won the war in Iraq, Kerry votes against providing the critical funding to support those troops and win the peace. 

Then ? and this is where it really gets good ? Senator Kerry attempts to clarify the confusion by saying he voted for the funding bill before he voted against it!  [Maybe the F. in his name stands for Fluctuating?].

And then there?s our admittedly faulty intelligence.  Sitting with the Senate Intelligence Committee with all the available information in front of him, Kerry calls for action against the Bastard of Baghdad; a few months later, he?s blaming the President for misleading the American people, when he knows full well that the President had no control over the intelligence mistakes.  At a time when loyal citizens should be standing together, solidly supporting our forces from the Commander-in-Chief to the newest Private, our hero John Kerry is saying the President lied.  Kerry wouldn?t know a lie unless it flew out of his own mouth, did a U-turn and bit him on his backside.

Meanwhile, the supposed Mr. Shamma-Shamma-Ding-Dong from the great state of Texas has held steady in his strategy, first cleaning out the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies from Afghanistan, and then removing the hideous Saddam Hussein.  Now, our President is committed to establishing the liberated Iraq as a potential beacon of democracy for the Middle East. 

Bush has been methodical, clinical, deliberate and successful in how he has hunted down and dissembled the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.  He has been wise and patient in his resolve to enforce the Bush Doctrine on the once irreconcilable Iraq.  Put that in your bong and smoke it, John Fluctuating Kerry!

My ClashPoint is this: George W. Bush has proven Kerry and his cabal woefully wrong.  The supposed ?chump? has been revealed as a ?Churchill? and our nation couldn?t have asked for a better president or cabinet, when placed in such a daunting crucible.  Too bad Kerry and his ilk are not patriotic enough to admit it.

In all fairness to Kerry, we have to give him his due: one thing about which he hasn?t flip-flopped is his solidly liberal voting record. Our least favorite Boston Bean has compiled a nearly perfectly liberal voting record in the Senate, according to the ludicrously liberal-left American Civil Liberties Union.  It?s true: Senator J. Fluctuating Kerry gets the ACLU?s grand prize for voting liberal 93% of the time.  He?s made his sidekick from the People?s Republic of Massachusetts, Sen. Ted Kennedy, who voted a mere 87% of the time the liberal way, look positively moderate. 

Now, that?s standing up and being counted for what you truly believe!

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