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It’s both amusing and terrifying to watch how some people on the political left in this country are having their eyes opened for the first time in their lives. Like watching a baby giraffe try to walk for the first time, many Democrats are struggling to find their sea legs as they come to the realization that their party, their political philosophy, is home to the most hateful people on the planet, people who gleefully embrace terrorists and spew racism without concern. Their eyes are opened for the first time, but will the coming election make those eyelids too heavy to keep open, or are they awake forever this time?


It's good that it’s happening, it’s sad that it took this to make it happen. That’s the only way to view the way some on the left are reacting to the terror attack on Israel on October 7th.

Since then, there has been a crack in the Democratic Party’s coalition, a break between people who aren’t completely insane and the people rank-and-file Democrats have ignored while their leadership fostered their insanity and hate. 

When Hamas slaughtered innocent civilians for the simple fact that they were Jewish, good people recoiled in horror. Progressive activists cheered and literally took to the streets the very next day to condemn Israel for a response that hadn’t happened yet. They didn’t condemn the murderous, sub-human terrorists who’d killed babies, they spent a lot of time trying to prove that either babies weren’t killed or they weren’t killed in the manner in which their executions were reported. Imagine being so depraved that you cry “blood doesn’t dry pink” rather than condemning the murder of kids.

Part of that is what the Internet and social media created – attention whores, every bit the junkie you've seen on a street corner, only for likes and new followers instead of heroin. But another part of it is just bad people and bad parenting.

A smart person with good parents could be repeatedly told to hate someone, or some egregious lie, and be able to figure out for themselves that the person telling it to them – teacher, community leader, friend, whatever – is full of it and not trustworthy. I mean, the Internet does exist. If you can’t search and find reputable sources refuting the lie that no Jews showed up for work in the World Trade Center on 9/11, you’re dumb to the point that if breathing weren’t a reflex you’d suffocate because you’d don’t have the mental capacity to remember to do it.


Yet, there are millions upon millions of people who’d rather believe a random website or some desperate loser on Twitter than an obvious, verifiable truth. 

They’re called drones – mindless creatures who never question anything told to them by someone in authority, as long as what that person is spewing is coming from the left. 

It was able to float along undetected for so many years because there was nothing that split the left. All the past narratives were absolute – white people are racist, police are racist, America is homophobic and transphobic, America is Islamophobic, etc. No gray area. They treated it like they treat the climate change hoax – no legitimate “two sides,” only those who agree with them and evil.

Well, that model can’t really work with Hamas and Israel. It can if you recognize Hamas as evil. But they don’t. They can’t.

The left views everything, ultimately, through a lens of victim and oppressor. Well, not everything. Criminals, particularly if they belong to “marginalized groups,” can’t be oppressors, even when they beat the hell out of elderly Asian women minding their own businesses on the street.

But when it comes to Israel, they view Palestinians as perpetual victims robbed of a country they don’t seem to realize never existed, ever, by Jews who’ve been on that land since the Earth cooled. We’re not dealing with smart people here.

The natural business model of the left snapped into action – victim good, oppressor bad – and all the parts started moving. No one stopped to think that the side that just suffered 1,400 murders might be the victim, it had to be the side that elected and supports the murderers because that’s how it’s always been. It was an added feature that this dynamic also set up Jews as the bad guys because the progressive left has always hated Jews.


That may sound odd considering there are a lot of progressive Jews, many of whom have taken to the streets to support the terrorists. You have to remember: most progressives are progressives first, anything else a distant second. 

But many Jews (and non-Jews) on the left put on blinders to this and the anti-Semitism boiling under the surface on the left because they cared about other things more. It was never the top thing, so it was easy to ignore random signs at rallies or snide “dog-whistle” comments on TV for what they saw as “the greater good.”

October 7th rearranged everything and brought that anti-Semitism to the top; it could no longer be ignored or denied.

Jewish celebrities, many of whom are the most rabid supporters of everything the Democratic Party does, are now realizing they’ve been in bed with people who hate them and want them dead. These aren’t people who disagree with various policies of Israel, they want it and its citizens exterminated, and they realize that bloodlust doesn’t stop there. It’s not geographic, is genealogy. 

On one hand, it’s funny to watch the Rob Reiners and Michael Rapports of the world trying to digest that they’ve been sleeping with the enemy, but on the other it’s a sad commentary of just how polluted left-wing politics has become that they’d embrace these monsters because they were useful. Joe Biden claimed he decided to run for president because of Charlottesville, but the Democratic Party’s Jew-hating Brown Shirts have held rallies 100 times larger than Charlottesville in every major American city and college campus without unequivocal condemnation by that same man. Instead, the White House set up a task force to fight Islamophobia, just in case someone develops an attitude against paragliding assassins.


You can’t parody the left, they’re already a cheap knock-off.

It’s hard to feel bad for these people going through their a-woke-ening, after all, they fed and nurtured this beast with the expectation it be used exclusively against us. But the greater fight here is more important. This progressive mentality must be destroyed along with the terrorists they now embrace.

So, I welcome these new people to the cause of freedom, even though it is likely only on one issue and will go the way of the Dodo once victory is achieved. I welcome them because victory in this is that important. It’s a shame and a disgrace it took 1,400 dead, a war and the biggest display of naked anti-Semitism since Nuremburg for it to happen, but victory is what matters most.


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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