The Things I’m Thankful For

Posted: Nov 27, 2011 12:01 AM

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to reflect back to the last time we spent a couple of weeks writing the wrong year on checks – those of us who still write checks, that is.

Also, it is the time of lists. “Best of” lists. “Worst of” lists. “Best of the ‘Best of’” lists and the like. I don’t generally jump on bandwagons, but I’m not above hitching a ride every now and then.

Stuffed with so many Thanksgiving leftovers that turkey is haunting my dreams, I want to take this week’s column to recount the things I am thankful for this year – besides family, friends, etc.

What I’m Thankful For

1) Capitalism: I’m thankful for capitalism every year – but none more than this. Despite having lifted more human beings from poverty than all other options combined, our system of capitalism never has been more threatened and rarely has been more needed than now. Like a woman in an Occupy Wall Street tent, capitalism is under constant assault – from liberals, progressives or whatever leftists call themselves on any given day.

The beautiful thing about capitalism is that it can’t have a master. It can’t be controlled. The free-market, like water, finds a way to flow. The Soviet Union learned this the hard way. No matter what they did, the Soviets never could quite quash capitalism – they could only drive it underground. When governments oppress capitalism, the people respond with black markets – capitalism in a more pure form. Occasionally, the response is a hippie commune. But they are short-lived, unsuccessful and the only thing this side of a garbage dump to rival the “Occupy” mutants in smell.

China has embraced a polluted form of capitalism, and even Cuba is allowing more freedom after years of a failed economy. Unfortunately, the path our country has taken of late leads in the opposite direction.

As President Obama and his Democrat allies work to tighten the grip of government on the economy, remember capitalism can survive without government, but government has a hard time surviving without capitalism. It’s best we not find out how far we can go before collapse, but be thankful we aren’t quite there yet.

2) MSNBC: How can you not love MSNBC? Not as a news organization, of course, but for sheer entertainment value. Only at MSNBC can we discover the answer to the burning question: “What’s that old racist Al Sharpton think of the issues of the day?” Or marinate in the wisdom of Touré, a former MTV host and “cultural critic” whose greatest accomplishment is...yeah, I don’t know. And Chris Matthews, the former Democrat aide and speechwriter, who, in between getting thrills in various parts of his body when hearing the President speak, finds time to obsess over JFK in a way that borders on necrophilia and whose head makes Charlie Brown’s seem proportional to the rest of his body.

And who can forget their primetime line-up of Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz? OK, most people can forget it since barely anyone watches it, which could be the reason GQ named Schultz “The Third Least-Influential Person Alive.” How un-influential do you have to be to be the “least” of that group? The “anchor” of their primetime line-up is just that, an anchor.

If MSNBC didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it just to illustrate media bias outside of print. But if we had actually created MSNBC, no one would believe it. No one would buy that the once vaunted NBC News organization would mutate into reading DNC and Media Matters press releases as if they’re news. That...oh, you get the picture.

It’s much better MSNBC exists on its own … that we can flip over to it any time we need an anthropological peek into a zoo of insanity. I don’t know what color the sky is on their planet, one in which President Obama’s policies are well received and successful. I just know reality doesn’t live there. And thank God for that.

3) The Occupy Wall Street Mutants: How can you not be grateful for the personification of every single annoying stereotype of the Left? Violent, stupid, angry, pointless, covetous of the possessions of others and hypocritical – it’s all there on display, over and over again, on every newscast you see. To read the rap sheet on these mutants is to wonder whether you’re reading about activities in a local park or in the common areas of a penitentiary. Sexual assaults, rapes, murder, overdoses – the list is too long for me to type. But, if you’re interested, it is compiled and updated regularly here and ever-growing.

Openly supported by the president, the former Speaker of the House, countless members of Congress and the media, the mutants, on a daily basis, expose themselves (literally and figuratively) to be...themselves.

They tell you others are greedy and selfish, but they are peaceful. If they were peaceful and unselfish, they wouldn’t have to tell us. Did Einstein have to run around telling people he was smart?

In fact, they are what they disdain – greedy. Greed is not EARNING as much as possible; it is becoming jealous when someone who has more than you do and demanding government “even the score.”

If conservatives are on their game, they’ll take every opportunity – through campaign ads and stump speeches – to marry this violent rabble, this greedy mob, to those leading Democrats who wanted to bask in their “glory.” Conservatives should make sure voters understand precisely who the 99 percent represent and which political leaders are on their side.

Think about this list as you force-feed yourself one more turkey sandwich. Talk to your friends about this. The more people know the truth, the better it is for liberty. Which is why so many on the Left, particularly numbers 2 and 3, are fighting so hard to obscure the truth about number 1.