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You’ve been “Weinered to death” the last few weeks, now that he’s resigned, there’s nothing left to say about it. But here are some other things you might’ve missed this week.



There Has to be a Better Way to Waste 2 Hours


Republicans debated this week on CNN. Why they agreed to debate on CNN remains a mystery; perhaps local public access networks were all booked with their versions of Wayne’s World. I won’t bore you with many of the details because the details were boring. I never thought I’d see an event that would make the MTV “boxers or briefs” townhall with Bill Clinton seem like it was intelligent political discourse. Moderator John King focused like a laser beam on the to big issues facing the country, like...Pepsi or Coke, Blackberry or iPhone and American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.


This debate might as well have been moderated by People magazine.


I’m not going to say who I thought won or lost, or whatevered, since it doesn’t matter one bit. We’re 7 months away from a vote being cast and there are at least 3 trillion debates scheduledbetween then and now, so anything that happened this week will be long forgotten by the time it matters. But it’s pretty clear the big loser was the audience.


Those blaming CNN or King have points, valid ones, but anyone, particularly Republicans, expecting anything but a dog and pony show from the traditional media hasn’t been awake for the last 30 years. Expecting questions written in a newsroom, be it at CNN or either of the local New Hampshire outlets that co-hosted the event, to be of importance, or even interest, to conservatives and Republicans is delusional. Gas prices never came up, though ethanol subsidies did...briefly. They talked about the economy and jobs...for a bit. Foreign policy was the context of bringing the troops home and the issue that tops no one’s list of issues - closing our bases in Germany and Korea. (You really can’t make this stuff up.)



None of these issues got as much time as questions involving genitalia. Gay marriage and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell got a lot of attention from those asking questions. That’s what you get when you have a room full of liberals writing things to ask Republicans - genital-centric questions. It’s clear “journalists” think Republican candidates and primary voters obsess over is gay people. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, but it most likely has something to do with their desire to try to paint everyone on the Right as intolerant and hateful. Ironically, they only succeed at destroying their own credibility (what little is left) and exposing themselves as the intolerant ones.


Fear not, fans of bias, the MSNBC hosted debate isn’t until September. You can just feel the tingled legs going numb already, can’t you? By the way, there’s (probably) no truth to the rumor I’m starting that the DailyKos debate details are still being finalized. What are these people thinking?


Building a Better...Scapegoat


Innovation is our enemy? That’s not exactly what President Obama said this week, but it’s not that far from it either. Speaking on the struggling economy in an interview with NBC, he said, "There are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. You see it when you go to a bank and you use an ATM, you don't go to a bank teller, or you go to the airport and you're using a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate." So it’s not his fault that the trillion-plus dollars he’s borrowed and spent this year hasn’t resulted in...anything but an even bigger deficit, it’s those damn ATM machines!



By that logic, the sewing machine was responsible for the end of tailors - except it wasn’t. Innovation doesn’t lead to the loss of jobs, it leads to the creation of different jobs and more wealth through efficiency. The sewing machine may have put some tailors out of business, but it also created untold thousands of more jobs building and operating them while bringing down the price of, and raising the quality of, clothes. ATM machines may have put some bank tellers out of business, but they are also built by people and, more importantly, owned by people. You can’t start your own bank but, if you’ve got a few thousand dollars, you can buy an ATM and place it somewhere and make money off of it.


President Obama doesn’t seem to understand the basic concepts of the free-market, which may explain why he’s trying to kill it. It may also explain why he doesn’t seem to mind that the teleprompter has nearly decimated cue-card holder business. Then again, he might not mind that one for a different reason...


Now that I think about it, that Republican debate might’ve been better had it been moderated by an ATM. Hmm.


Also-Ran Stories


It Beats a Sharp Stick in the Eye...Barely. To those of you anxiously awaiting the return of Keith Olbermann to television...I feel sorry for you. BOTH of you. But your wait is nearly over. That’s right, no ratings (borrowed from Mark Levin), er, I mean Countdown with Keith Olbermann makes its debut on Current TV tomorrow night. Never heard of Current TV? You’re not alone. You can usually find it somewhere near the channels that carry local Parks Commission meetings and the unidentifiable language network. Current’s current primetime line-up currently (yeah, I did that on purpose) consists of reruns of movies you didn’t want to watch in the first place, but tomorrow they turn into a “news” network! Of course Countdown is their only nightly show, but Al Gore’s network is on its way! The premiere of Countdown will be preceded by documentaries called “Marijuana Wars” at 6:00, “OxyContin Express” at 7:00 and followed by one called “Gateway to Heroin” at 9:00. Awfully nice of Current TV to bookend Olbermann with information on things you’ll need in order to enjoy their flagship show.



And the Award for Biggest “DUH” Goes to Politico. Ken Vogel and Lucy McCalmont over at Politico have a BIG story to tell you. You ready for it? Talk radio shows sell ads. If you weren’t sitting down when you read that I apologize because I know that’s shocking “knock you off your feet” news. Not really, but it seems to be within the left-wing vacuum in which most “journalists” live, if not the one between their ears. Ken and Lucy discovered that conservative radio hosts have sponsorships from *gasp* conservative organizations with which they agree. While this would strike most people with an IQ above their birth weight as obvious, the Politico story reports it as news. Dutifully adhering to the birth weight to IQ ratio of which I wrote, Media Matters, the media watch-chiwawa and ghost executive producer of MSNBC (the only network that can make the aforementioned Current TV seem like a serious news outlet), chimed in with a post violating any sense of “fair use” laws that was so pointless the byline was ascribed to “Media Matters Staff.” The great Mark Levin did a better job and I could in taking down these clowns in his post here when he said “We can’t all work for NPR now can we?” On a final note, I would just like to point out that the Politico page I loaded to read this breaking story had ads for Verizon, Sprint and Mars Chocolate, so while the writers of the story don’t seem to understand the concept of Capitalism, someone at Politico does...probably the person that signs their checks.



Recession? What recession? Congratulations to former Speaker of the House (and how I love putting the “former” part in that title) Nancy Pelosi for increasing her personal wealth by 62 percent over the last year. I hope she has time to enjoy it, what with so much of her time spent trying to make everyone else poorer...


And In the End...


San Francisco is a great city...ruined by the people who live there. In the liberal tradition of banning nearly everything, the SF Animal Control and Welfare Commission has recommended banning the sale of goldfish. They’re trying to curb “impulse buys” of animals, which is a problem around the country, but goldfish?! More disturbing than the stupidity of this idea is that the idea was the result of “more than a year of study.” This ban isn’t going anywhere, for now, but if liberals are good at anything it’s recycling failed ideas from the past and trying to force them down our throats.


Go about your week.

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