Bunny hop at Dem money shop

Posted: Jul 22, 2000 12:00 AM
Who killed feminism? The list of suspects is long, and the stab wounds are many. There's President Clinton, who campaigned for the White House bragging about his partnership with his professional wife, when in truth, that partnership meant that he dated freely and she cleaned the lipstick off his shirts afterward. There's Hillary Clinton, who belittled women who stay home and bake cookies, as if she herself were so independent and free, as if she was not a used woman. There are the movement feminists who gave phony alibis for the cad president. Now, there is evidence that the death blow was delivered by Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Garden Grove, Calif., whose Hispanic Unity Caucus is hosting a $5,000 per head Democratic fund-raiser at the Playboy Mansion scheduled during the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. Many Democrats are outraged, and Veep Al Gore -- applause, applause -- is boycotting the event. Yes, you've come a long way, baby. During the Anita Hill brouhaha, feminists were outraged that a man would talk about a porn movie with a female subordinate. Now, Sanchez wants to throw a shindig at the porn king's lair. She and her caucus will be feting a man who would like nothing more than to do a spread called "The Girls of Congress," featuring pouting Senatorettes, scantily clad and sucking their thumbs. To think, Loretta Sanchez was elected in 1996 because the incumbent Bob Dornan was, well, an insensitive loon. But even B-1 Bob wouldn't do something this tone-deaf. In a sense, the Playboy party makes sense. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is, after all, what Bill Clinton will look like in 20 years. What better way to usher Clinton into his retirement years than a send-off with the perfect guide -- Hef, a lecher who thinks he's not a dirty old coot because he wears a smoking jacket? A Sanchez aide has told reporters that there won't be any bunnies at the event. They're caging the bunnies to keep them from tainting the respectable caucus-going women -- and this is supposed to be a good thing? Et tu, femina? Playboy Enterprises Executive Vice President Richard S. Rosenzweig told the Washington Post he is surprised "progressive people would have a problem with this event." Of course, if Playboy were truly progressive, the men would be half-naked and serving martinis on tiny trays, and the women would wear their power suits. But somehow it just doesn't work that way. Progressive? Ha! The 74-year-old Hefner represents the most ossified, desiccated portrait in the history of human sexual relations -- a rich old guy trying to look younger but looking positively decrepit as he surrounds himself with young babes. Lately, he's been dating a threesome with rhyming names -- a handy mnemonic aid -- who make him look like Methuselah. It's revolting enough to see these young women drape their fleshy pulchritude around this fossil because he has money and can help their careers. People do what they think they have to do, and it often isn't pretty. But when a female Democratic member of Congress plays the game, too, when she invites her caucus to cavort on the proverbial Hefner water bed, it shows that even feminists will let men act like pigs as long as they have money or power. It started when feminists acted as apologists for Bill Clinton, when they failed to take him to task for treating his wife and certain aides as if they lived to service him. And they did. And they continued to call themselves feminists. So, why not the bunny king? In fact, it seems awfully stingy to confine him to the fund-raising ghetto. Why, Hef could really add something to the Supreme Court.