Dean Barnett

Dean Barnett
Thrust onto the stage
By Dean Barnett
Three short years ago before I started blogging, literally no one knew who I was outside of my family. ...
April 21, 2007
What ever happened to "Let's Roll"
By Dean Barnett
On 9/11, the passengers aboard United Flight 93 had an option – they could rely on the good intentions of ...
April 07, 2007
Mrs. President?
By Dean Barnett
In response to Barbara Walters' question of whether he would allow his wife Judith to sit in on Cabinet meetings ...
March 31, 2007
Trans-partisan politics?
By Dean Barnett
Are you ready for trans-partisan politics, a type of politics that transcends partisanship? Some of America’s leading politicians think ...
March 24, 2007
The Left Still Doesn't Get It -- Even After KSM Confession
By Dean Barnett
Last week, the American government released a statement from al Qaeda's one-time operational czar Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Even allowing for ...
March 21, 2007
The disgrace of Walter Reed is indefensible
By Dean Barnett
For conservatives, feeling besieged by the national media comes naturally. Take Ann Coulter's little speech at CPAC last week ...
March 06, 2007
The McCain Mutiny
By Dean Barnett
On Thursday, the king of the blogopshere Glenn Reynolds asked, “Is it my imagination, or is John McCain’s campaign unraveling ...
March 03, 2007
Target Romney
By Dean Barnett
The mainstream media’s fascination with Mitt Romney is rather odd. After all, Romney is still a second tier ...
February 24, 2007
McCain's Comments on Rumsfeld Miss the Mark
By Dean Barnett
John McCain is hitting the campaign trail, and he's doing so with a predictable thud. On Monday, the ever-eager-to-settle-a-score senator ...
February 23, 2007
John Edwards- Stuck on Stupid
By Dean Barnett
What was he thinking? As one looks back at John Edwards and his Potty-Mouthed bloggers, that’s the question that keeps ...
February 10, 2007
What Senators Want
By Dean Barnett
You have to give Russ Feingold credit - he’s a man of his convictions. It’s true that those convictions ...
February 03, 2007
Massachusetts Loves A Winner
By Dean Barnett
On July 25, 2004, the Red Sox and Yankees tussled at Boston’s historic Fenway Park. The then-presumptive Democratic nominee ...
February 01, 2007
The final straw
By Dean Barnett
It must have been a fun week to be a leftist. The week began with news of significant carnage in ...
January 27, 2007
The 11/7 Republicans
By Dean Barnett
EVERYONE’S HEARD of the 9/11 Democrats. The 9/11 Democrats are people like actor Ron Silver, comedian Dennis Miller and ...
January 20, 2007
The Yogi the Bear candidate
By Dean Barnett
If there’s a “product” screaming out for someone to invent a better mousetrap, it’s the political fundraiser. Leave it ...
January 12, 2007
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