David Strom

David Strom
The Fiscal Crisis is Scarier Than the Financial Crisis
By David Strom
Have you been worried about the financial crisis the past few months? Well if the chaos in the credit markets ...
October 24, 2008
You Can't Spread the Wealth Around
By David Strom
By now everybody has heard of Joe the plumber. It was Joe that Barack Obama told that it was government’s ...
October 16, 2008
Was the Economy Too Stable?
By David Strom
Believe it or not, one of the most striking facts about the U.S. economy over the past 25 years has ...
October 09, 2008
Confidence Game
By David Strom
Are we facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression? If so, why? The simple answer is “probably.” And ...
October 01, 2008
Wading Into a Health Care Swamp
By David Strom
It’s as predictable as the sun setting in the West: it’s an election year and reforming how we deliver health ...
September 12, 2008
Robin Hood Economics
By David Strom
You have to give him credit; the Obama tax plan has a lot of appeal to the average voter. The ...
September 04, 2008
Is the Free Market Perfect?
By David Strom
There has been a lot of loose talk in liberal circles that the current housing crunch, inflation, and spike in ...
August 22, 2008
Idiot Economics
By David Strom
It has become popular for politicians to advocate going after oil companies for their seemingly outsized profits. Otherwise rational people ...
August 11, 2008
Revealed: Conservatives Have Escape Plan for When They Destroy the Earth
By David Strom
Well, the secret is out. Conservatives' willingness to destroy Mother Earth in pursuit of financial gain now makes sense. The ...
July 30, 2008
Do Conservatives Hate Their Children?
By David Strom
If you listen to the Man-Made-Global-Warming proponents, conservatives must be a pretty callous lot. In fact, they must hate ...
July 23, 2008
An Unpopular Truth
By David Strom
It’s been a while since I really angered a good chunk of my readers, so I guess it’s time. In this ...
July 15, 2008
What Liberals Dream Of
By David Strom
Conservatives are in a funk—one that threatens to turn into a full-blown retreat from the battlefield of ideas. Everywhere I ...
July 07, 2008
Miniature Golf is the New Constitutional Right
By David Strom
The Bush Administration has discovered what liberals have known all along: the Constitution is a mighty comprehensive document, giving the ...
June 16, 2008
When You Fill Up the Tank Thank Congress for High Gas Prices
By David Strom
Americans have been treated to a lot of whining by our elected officials about the high cost of oil and ...
May 30, 2008
If Hypocrisy Were an Energy Source We Could Drill in Congress
By David Strom
As Congress rakes oil executives over the coals over their profits, I detect the very faint sound of millions ...
April 03, 2008
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