With a wink and a nod

Posted: Oct 22, 2004 12:00 AM

Here we are less than two weeks from the election and John Kerry is still playing "hide the ball." The last thing he wants most of us -- excluding his loony, militant base -- to know is who he really is.

Kerry knows that if he releases his military records or is forthright about his true beliefs on the issues, he won't stand a ghost of a chance. His entire campaign, therefore, has been little more than an extended "wink and a nod."

He is locked in an unspoken conspiracy with his wild-eyed Michael Moore/George Soros/Whoopi Goldberg base to feint just enough toward sanity to fool the Ward Cleaver voter. After "winking" behind his shades to the America-haters, he turns toward middle Americans, and with a "nod" fraudulently affirms to them his allegiance to traditionalism.

What is Kerry so afraid of? Why doesn't he want you to find out the identity of that man behind the curtain? Why doesn't he want you to read his book "The New Soldier"? Why doesn't he want you to see "Stolen Honor"? Why won't he release his medical records? Why won't he talk about his Senate record? Why won't he address specific charges about his Vietnam tour?

The answer is that without convincing millions of voters he is someone that he is not, he would suffer the biggest landslide defeat in American history -- bar none. What a sad state American liberalism finds itself in when it can't tout its own candidate as a true believer. And what a sad commentary on the candidate himself that he would willingly participate in such a fundamental deception about his very essence as a human being.

All winking and nodding aside, do you think Kerry could seriously compete for popular or electoral votes if he leveled with the American people? And do you think for a second that his extremist base doesn't know exactly who he is?

Just take his position on gay marriage, for example. He has said emphatically during the campaign that he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, but in every other respect he's the homosexuals' most ardent advocate.

Does anyone, including the homosexual lobby, truly believe he is opposed, in his heart of hearts, to homosexual marriage? Does anyone, including the homosexual lobby, truly believe he agrees with traditionalists that heterosexual marriage is a vital institution that must be preserved as a foundational pillar of our civilization? Have you noticed any softness of support among his gay supporters? Of course not.

How about abortion? When Kerry nods toward the Vatican and says he believes life begins at conception, then, while winking to the pro-aborts, says he can't impose his "articles of faith" on others, does anyone believe that the protection of innocent life remotely approaches an "article of faith" for him? Does anyone pick up the slightest inkling that Kerry is troubled by the killing of babies in the womb?

Do you think there's any love lost between Kerry and the military? He has never withdrawn his institution-wide slander nor apologized for it. He did everything he could to undercut our military, its morale and its mission in Vietnam, and he has done exactly the same thing with Iraq. When he criticizes its performance in Iraq every other day, while saying he respects, honors and supports our troops, does anyone believe he's sincere? Well, I guarantee you his military-loathing base doesn't, nor do many of the troops themselves.

What about that evil deficit? When Kerry rails against the president's unbalanced budgets, does anyone detect a scintilla of conviction that he intends to tackle the problem? He would spend our money like a drunken sailor and everyone in his dependency constituencies knows it -- or they'd be complaining.

How about his misspoken pledge to support judges who are neither liberal nor conservative and who would not legislate from the bench? Do you think his activist-promoting Democrat colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee are buying that one?

And if he is really sincere that his faith will guide his every action in office, why are the radical secularists uniformly supporting him?

Do you think his antiwar supporters are the least bit troubled when he puts his war paint on, puffs out his chest, and says he'll hunt down and kill all the terrorists?

Kerry's biggest challenge in this election is to woo the gullible class just enough not to make his nutty base think he might be serious. If that fails, it will have to be election mischief and litigation.