Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Already a Success

Posted: Oct 23, 2007 8:15 AM
Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Already a Success

The focus was on the violent oppression of Muslim women as thousands of students campuses across the country on attended and in some cases protested against speeches and panel discussions marking the first day of Islamo Fascism Awareness Week.

“We have organized students on over 100 campuses across the country, we are hosting over 30 speakers on subjects like the plight of women in Islam and we are leading the discussion on the danger of Islamo Fascism,” David Horowitz said after his speech at the University of Wisconsin Monday night. “Considering the breadth of activities we have organized and the level of coverage from the national media, Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is already a success, and this is just Monday. By the end of the week millions of people will have heard our message that we will no longer turn a blind eye to the violence directed against women, gays and `infidels’ in Islamo-Fascist regimens. This homicidal intolerance and the conspiracy of silence that protects it on America’s campuses will no longer be accepted.”

Events Monday involved campuses ranging from UC Berkeley in the West to George Washington University in the East.

At Tulane University, some 1500 people turned out to hear Ann Coulter give a speech connecting dots between radical Islam and the events of 9/11 and expressing the importance of continuing the War in Iraq. It took 15 police officers and personal security for Ms. Coulter to keep the crowd at bay.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison David Horowitz spoke to 600 students and various members of the community about the oppression of women in Islam and the silence coming from women’s studies departments on America’s campuses regarding this issue. The volatile crowd quieted immediately when Horowitz began his speech by showing an enlarged photograph of a Muslim woman on her knees being shot in the back of the head by Muslim fundamentalists. “Everyone in this photograph is a Muslim,” Horowitz began. “There is a helpless victim; there are perpetrators of murder. This photograph is why we’re here tonight

At DePaul University in Chicago a rowdy crowd greeted Robert Spencer, a author of Religion of Peace? and other books on radical Islam, and Iranian dissident Amir Abbas Fakhravar, who detailed the record of violence, murder and human rights mayhem by the Achmadinijad regime. Fielding a hostile question from one member of the audience, Spencer said: “Anyone who thinks that there has been a full and fair and open discussion of Islamo fascism on our campuses and particularly in our Middle East Studies departments simply hasn’t been paying attention.”

At a panel discussion on Islamo Fascism Awareness at the University of Pennsylvania protestors passed out flyers claiming that it was President Bush who was a Fascist and claimed that panel speaker Daniel Pipes wanted to intern Americans of Japanese descent.

At UC Berkeley Arab American writer and public speaker Nonie Darwish confronted a hostile audience, including members of the radical Revolutionary Communist Party who had threatened to disrupt the event. Darwish described violence against Muslim women and talked about efforts on campus to intimidate and silence Arab Americans who speak out against terrorism.

Other events today was a panel discussion hosted by radio celebrity Alan Nathan at George Mason University and a panel discussion hosted by Michael Ledeen at George Washington University.

Islamo Fascism Awareness week continues on Tuesday with an appearance by former U.S. Sen Rick Santorum at Penn State University and other events.