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What’s clear about the past four years is President Barack Obama hasn’t done anything to improve the US economy. When Obama was elected unemployment was 7.6% today it’s 7.9% and has been at or above 8% his entire time in office except two months. He’s been a colossal failure, full of promises of hope and change, signifying nothing but misery as evidenced by the October jobs report.


The Labor Department’s October Jobs report revealed the unemployment rate increased to 7.9% in October up from 7.8% in September. So the decline in the jobless rate in September, touted by Democrats as a sign of recovery, was what economists and conservatives predicted a fluke, no pun intended.

Even worse, the jobless rate for black Americans climbed again to 14.3%, which demonstrates while Obama has failed all Americans, he really doesn’t have black Americans’ backs. This begs the question why any Americans and particularly blacks would vote for him again?

Obama may have inherited a mess in 2009 but he has made it worse with his irresponsible spending and hardened refusal to embrace Republican ideas on tax, healthcare and entitlement reform, economic stimulus or debt reduction. Obama has put the country on the path to financial ruin with $16 trillion of debt, gnawingly high unemployment and wants four more years to give us more of the same.

What exactly has Obama been selling for the past four years do Americans want four more years of? Obama’s no growth economy, joblessness or his race?

Last year the Obama campaign released a radio ad with a baritone black man proclaiming” “We have to show the president we’ve got his back.” Why? Obama has shown he doesn’t have anyone’s back, black, brown, white, or other, but his own.


The shameless way Obama capitalized on Hurricane Sandy to score votes revealed he’s main concerned now and always has been Obama and saving his neck. As columnist Charles Krauthammer observed, Obama couldn’t wait to get photo-ops of him in the White House situation room deploying, I guess, the utility crews who will restore power all over America.” The burden of disaster response falls on state governors not the White House. But “you would think he might want to use the situation room and had convened high-level people during the nine hours our people were under attack in Benghazi,” added Krauthammer. Benghazigate and four dead diplomats doesn’t help Obama get re-elected but Sandy does.

But Obama stooped to a new low to conquer the presidential race when he toured Sandy’s destruction with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Romney supporter, who gave a keynote speech at the RNC Convention. Christie was right his priority after Sandy was to the people of New Jersey not politics. So why was he so quick to jump in a plane with the president and be pimped into photo ops?

Prior to Sandy and Christie’s POTUS op, Rasmussen Reports showed Romney leading Obama in the national pools, now the race is a tie. Not only was Christie’s appearance bad optics for Romney but it also made the NJ Governor look like an accomplice to Obama’s con of the American people.


Obama has been “playing at the president,” as Krauthammer described his reaction to Sandy. I would go further and say Obama’s been “playing at commander in chief” for the past four years. It’s time we elect a leader like Mitt Romney who has experience creating jobs in both the private and public sector, as a businessman and a governor and who is willing to take responsibility for his plan. As opposed to Obama, who instead of creating jobs, has only served in them and who will only take responsibility for his re-election campaign not his presidency. Time for change. Time for leadership. Time for Mitt Romney to be elected President of the United States November 6th.

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