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Vice-President Biden tells blacks, Romney’s “gonna put y’all back in chains.” Mitt Romney accuses Obama of running a campaign of “anger and division.” Then MSNBC host Toure charges Romney with engaging in the “niggerization” of Obama. WHAT? As my black father (note emphasis) said, “That’s the most unintellectual thing I’ve ever heard. Is he [Toure] making up words” ?


Toure’s making up words and spinning fiction! (Evidently, that’s what a former musical journalist turned political pundit does.) If Biden had included the “n-word” in his me (white) versus “you blacks” statement, Toure may have expressed mild outrage at the remarks. But since Biden serves our black president, Toure doesn’t consider Biden’s comments the “niggerization” of blacks.

Nigger or any derivative thereof is the basest, most racially charged word to call a black person or casually throw around and being black doesn’t give a person special permission to use it. Perhaps Toure has never been called the word nigger, otherwise he would not have uttered it with such ease on national television or have had the audacity to accuse Mitt Romney of engaging in “racial coding” which is code for racist politics.

Now that it’s become clear President Obama can’t run on a record of economic success, Democrats like Toure will resort to the only thing they have left in their arsenal, the Obama race card. Finally, on the stump, Romney is fighting back against Obama’s dirty campaign of lies and distortion.

Romney said: “His campaign and his surrogates have made wild and reckless accusations that disgrace the office of the presidency. This is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like. Mr. President take your campaign of division, anger and hate back to Chicago.”


There is nothing untrue in Romney’s comments. As Michael Gerson wrote , “the demonization of Romney is a main element of its strategy, pursued by Obama’s closest associates and former employees.” Gerson reminds us Obama has engaged in racial pandering, intimidated Republican donors, and accused Romney of killing Joe Spotic’s wife, “which represents the crossing of an ethical line.”

Whether you are Romney or any other American, this looks like a campaign led by an “angry and desperate president,” sinking to new lows to win. Obama has been dividing America since he took office. This is why it’s shocking Toure falsely charged Romney of using “racial coding” to try to paint Obama as the stereotypical “angry black man.”

Obama has waged wars on class, gender, religion, and sexuality and now race. He doesn’t look like the “Black Jesus” of 2008, seeking to heal America or the “no-drama Obama, as Toure described him as.

Toure’s accusations were wildly irresponsible. Obama is “angry” because he’s failed miserably at being president but feels he deserves a second term just because of the color of his skin.

Toure went on to say: “This is part of the playbook against Obama. . .This is niggerization, you are not one of us and that you are like the scary black man, we are trained to fear.”


“This is typical GOP politics, Toure added, the “all white party that rejects the black vote.” No, Toure, the GOP isn’t the all white party and white people aren’t scared of Obama. Whites, blacks and other Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired of Obama’s misguided policies.

If anyone is engaging in “otherization” politics, as Toure ranted, it’s Obama. From his days as a Senator, Obama put himself above everyone else, using his race to make people believe he was a special kind of black endowed with supernatural powers to heal America. What we’re seeing now is a man so absorbed in self, he can’t see he’s in over his head.

Another example of Obama’s stoking racial politics of “otherization,” was by his Truth Team surrogate Va. State Senator Louise Lucas, Va. State Senator Louise Lucas who accused Mitt Romney of speaking to folks “who don’t like a black man in the White House.” Racist talk is constantly flowing from Obama and his “Truth Team” not Mitt Romney.

I’ve been called nigger mostly by other blacks. In fact when I was in 2nd grade, I heard the word used at school by my black classmates and came home and called my little brother a nigger. My mother told me to never say it again and explained to me how heinous the word was and remains!


If MSNBC has any shred of decency, the network will fire Toure. Not only did he completely misrepresent Mitt Romney’s comments, he offended blacks like me, who’ve been called nigger and find the word both humiliating and disgusting. We know if Toure was white, the termination would have happened before the commercial break.

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