MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Wonders Is Herman Cain for Real?

Posted: Oct 10, 2011 10:06 AM

“Is Herman Cain for REAL?” ( Is the sky blue?) This is the idiotic question MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell asked in his promo for his leftist interview with Herman Cain. Why wouldn’t Herman Cain be for real? Cain is really running for the presidency of the United States as a Republican. In a hypothetical match up against Obama, Cain really comes in a dead heat against Obama. Cain really leads Republican contenders for the White House in a new Zogby poll.

So why in the world would Lawrence O’Donnell ask such a dumb question? The better question to ask is if O’Donnell is for real. I guess O’Donnell like other left wing journalists is doing the dirty work of the Democrat party in attempting to undermine Cain’s candidacy by reducing Cain to a black joke because he’s running as a Republican. As someone mentioned to me “O'Donnell made an utter fool of himself. It's the most embarrassing leftist shill interview I've ever seen, and it abandons journalistic integrity further than I ever thought MSNBC could.”

But it also demonstrates how completely panicked, flustered and shocked Democrats are by Cain’s candidacy because they know Cain has the REAL ability to chip away at the 96% black vote Obama enjoyed in 2008. Black support for the first black president has plummeted from 83% to 58% and even if Cain doesn’t win the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, he’s making black liberals reconsider their support of the Democrat party that dismisses them, makes promises of government salvation it doesn’t deliver on and takes their vote for granted every election cycle.

No other race but the black race gives the majority of their votes to one political party. Even if Herman Cain’s candidacy is able to compel a mere 13% of black liberals to vote for the GOP nominee in 2012 this would hurt Obama. Terrified by the reality Cain’s message is resonating with black liberals, O’Donnell tried to interrogate Cain on his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, implying that because Cain was in college at the time he "sat on the sidelines" and was a sell out.

It’s absurd to suggest if a black person in the 60’s didn’t march in Civil Rights protests they were not supportive of the movement. Cain delivered the right response: “Did you expect every black student at every black college in America to be out there in the middle of every fight? The answer is no. So for you to say why was I sitting on the sidelines, I think that was an inaccurate deduction that you are trying to make. You didn’t know Lawrence what I was doing with the rest of my life.”

Lawrence’s interview with Cain was sickening to watch. Instead of trying to denigrate Cain, Lawrence should be asking President Obama if he’s for REAL. The country’s chronic unemployment is the highest since the Great Depression, economic growth is non-existent and the only thing Obama’s policies have achieved is jacking up the nation’s debt $4 trillion in three short years.

Yet, the president has the audacity to continue to rebuke Republican members of Congress, chastising them with ultimatums like they better pass his $447 billion jobs stimulus or else. Remember we heard this same refrain in 2009 when Obama and Vice President Biden vowed if Congress passed the $800 billion stimulus, unemployment wouldn’t rise above 8%. We know how that story ended; unemployment has remained at 9% or higher for the past three years with 14 million Americans jobless.

Obama seemed like he was living in an altered state of reality during his recent press conference when he responded to a question that his American Jobs Act bill has no chance of passing. Obama threatened: “If Congress does nothing, then it’s not a matter of me running against them; I think the American people will run them out of town, because they are frustrated, and they know we need to do something big and something bold.”

The REAL fact is the American people are frustrated with President Obama and his inability to come up with any solutions to heal our ailing economy. If anybody is run out of town in 2012 it’s going to be Barack Obama and with Obama’s utterly disastrous record, why isn’t Lawrence O’Donnell asking him “Are you for real Mr. President?” That’s a much more compelling story but it doesn’t serve the liberal agenda.