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Feds Still Enable Terrorists 10 Years After 9/11

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Ten years ago, after 9/11, Americans chanted, "We will never forget."

Today the White House is chanting that it is not "just about us."


Terrorism has been tempered and transformed ever since 2009, when President Barack Obama took office and turned the global war on terror into an "overseas contingency operation" and coddled the global Muslim community from Cairo by saying that part of his "responsibility as president of the United States is to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear" and create a "partnership between America and Islam." Since those actions, a slew of terrorists have slipped through the cracks of U.S. international and homeland security.

Alex Jones' Infowars.com recently documented several examples of how the feds have "dispensed with all pretense of the war on terror being focused on Al-Qaeda Muslims."

In April 2009, The Washington Times reported that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stood by a DHS intelligence assessment report that "lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S." And in the same month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI was running a probe targeting returning veterans as extremists and a major domestic threat.

At the end of last year, an Atlanta station, WSB-TV, reported that "the State Department is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to save mosques overseas." The anchor noted that the U.S. Agency for International Development granted enormous funds for mosques in Cairo, Cyprus, Tajikistan and Mali.


In March, Judicial Watch obtained new documents via a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed that U.S. officials had apprehended 663 illegal immigrants last year with suspected ties to terrorist groups. Yet our borders and ports remain as porous for illegals as a screen through which gnats slip.

In the same month, ABC News reported that the "U.S. government formally requested the early release of a convicted terrorist (Mohammed Babar) from federal prison, even though the terrorist admitted that he continued to support the killing of U.S. soldiers serving in Muslim countries."

Just a few weeks ago, as a part of its "If You See Something, Say Something" stoolie campaign, Homeland Security released two videos, in which nearly every segment shows a shift in federal strategy from catching foreign terrorists to targeting white middle-class Americans who are against big government as terrorists, including tea partyers, anti-Fed activists and even veterans. (These videos echo Vice President Joe Biden's recent remarks that tea partyers are like "terrorists.")

On Aug. 26, Fox News reported that the State Department is protecting the privacy of terrorists by refusing to release documents about Anwar al-Awlaki, the Muslim cleric who became the first American on the CIA's kill or capture terrorist list. In response to a Fox News FOIA request for al-Awlaki's passport records, the State Department replied, "The release of this information to you would be an invasion of personal privacy of another person, without written authorization from that person."


It's official: The feds have lost their minds, this time at the cost of forgetting the heart of 9/11 and all the sacrifices made to fight militant Islam since. Ten years after 9/11, the federal government has become an acute enabler of terrorism. It is suffering from a self-inflicted terrorist amnesia, despite the fact that even in the past two years, there have been 126 terror-related arrests, and all have been Muslims.

With the killing of Osama bin Laden and President Obama's recent order to withdraw more troops from Afghanistan, it appears that the feds soon will be raising the banner that the "overseas contingency operation is mission complete." But what they really need is a wake-up call to jar them out of their terrorist amnesia!

We should plant the feds in the heart of Afghanistan and have them seriously reconsider al-Qaida's assault on America and exactly how and why our courageous troops and their families continue to sacrifice for us -- something well-documented by film producer Mike Slee in his most recent film tribute to our service members and their families as a part of Operation Patriot Care Package, highlighted on Sean Hannity's Fox News Channel show and on Slee's own website, http://ZaragozaPictures.com.

Unfortunately, this terrorism amnesia has spread outside Washington and infected such officials as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has decided that a ground zero commemoration for the victims of 9/11 on the attack's 10th anniversary will be held without prayer. Neither clergy nor first responders have been invited to the event, because Bloomberg apparently thinks politicians will be sufficient to comfort the still-grieving families and nation. Please sign the Family Resource Council's petition to Bloomberg to reverse his decision and recognize that prayer is needed more than politics.


Bloomberg needs to take a lesson from people like Rosellen Dowdell, the widow of Lt. Kevin Dowdell, who was a New York firefighter who gave up his life on 9/11. She told the Catholic News Service: "I've never blamed God. I've always looked to God for an answer. I guess I always hoped there was solace in going to church and being in the presence of God."

Similarly, Monsignor Michael J. Curran told CNS: "So many of these families, who have every reason to be angry at God, have not given up. They are still faithful. I'm more aware of the spiritual strength of people. Folks are not fair-weather friends of God. The question of 'why?' is still out there, but they are willing to trust God and keep him at the center of their lives. Nobody has just slammed down their bat and ball and gone home."

Ten years ago, in the wake of the worst terrorist attacks in our nation's history, Americans turned to one another and God for help and comfort. The wise still seek him. They know the truth -- as did most of America's Founding Fathers -- in Psalm 33:12: "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."

God bless and help all the victims of 9/11, from United Flight 93 to the Pentagon and New York and beyond, and may the real memory of 9/11 live on in our hearts and minds so that even our posterity will say, "We will never forget."


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