Privacy And Freedom in The Digital Age with Susan Morgan of GNI

Posted: Mar 12, 2014 12:01 AM
Privacy And Freedom in The Digital Age with Susan Morgan of GNI

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The Internet has led to many revolutions over the last few years and that’s particularly true in how we communicate and collaborate. It’s also shattered existing business models — just ask Barnes & Noble, Circuit City and practically any print newspaper you can still find. It’s also given rise to a number of freedoms - freedom of expression, freedom of information and so on.

One of the potential drawbacks of explosive demand for connectivity and consumers desire for anytime, anywhere access is privacy. In other words, as we continue to shift toward an increasing digital society, there are concerns over privacy and your freedoms.

Joining me to talk on these issues as well as talk more about the Global Network Initiative (GNI) is Susan Morgan, the initiative’s executive director. As Executive Director, Susan is responsible for continuing to make GNI a leading voice in defending and promoting freedom of expression and privacy in the information and communications technology industry worldwide. With backers ranging from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to Websense and Yahoo, GNI is in the thick of it.

Susan and I also talk about the once secret NSA surveillance programs that former contractor Edward Snowden allegedly leaked. As Susan points out, even the fiercest critics and staunchest defenders of national security surveillance seem to agree - more transparency from the U.S. government is required.