Christian Toto

Christian Toto
Confessions of an Accidental Culture Warrior
By Christian Toto
Not all conservatives are culture warriors. Many just crave less government and more control over their lives.Once upon a time ...
June 06, 2019
Yes, the ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Victory Matters
By Christian Toto
Conservatives are used to losing culture war fights.Remember when ABC finally served up a show that treated Trump Nation with ...
December 22, 2018
Why Aren’t We Hearing Feminist Wails Against 'The View'?
By Christian Toto
Female empowerment is all the rage these days.Our culture needed a successful “Wonder Woman” film to empower the next generation ...
August 25, 2017
Friends in Safe Spaces
By Christian Toto
College students reacted to Donald Trump’s election by cowering in their safe spaces, clutching crayons and Tweeting safety pin memes.Guess ...
April 07, 2017
Elvis, Nixon and Obama
By Christian Toto
Hollywood couldn’t make up anything wackier than President Richard M. Nixon talking drug policy with Elvis Presley. Nixon, a ...
August 02, 2016
How Hollywood's Battle for Gender Equity Could Go Very Wrong Very Fast
By Christian Toto
The push for gender equality in Hollywood could do our culture more harm than good. Like many liberal solutions, noble ...
July 20, 2016
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