Useful idiots in the Middle East

Posted: Jul 03, 2003 12:00 AM

Communism had its "useful idiots." These were people who believed whatever Communists said and were helpful in advancing their cause.

In the Middle East, the enemies of Israel, the United States and all things Jewish, Christian and Western have far more useful idiots than Communists ever counted on. These are the people who refuse to believe what they are repeatedly told and see in bloody streets, in mosques, in political literature and in schools where children are taught to hate and to be "martyrs" before they are potty-trained.

In the matter of the "road map" to "peace" between Israel and her mortal enemies, we are seeing the usual razzle-dazzle. Elected Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon stands by appointed Palestinian "Prime Minister" Mahmoud Abbas, who mimics Sharon in his Western-style suit. Both men make pronouncements required of them by their American puppeteer. The useful idiots think Abbas and his band of bloody brothers will play the lion lying down with the Israeli lamb.

In the midst of all of the photo-ops and feel-good diplomacy comes a sober and welcome word from someone the useful idiots no doubt will regard as a skunk at their party. Israel's Minister of Internal Security Uzi Landau told Israeli Radio that Israel should set a timetable with dates for clearly defined and measurable Palestinian actions regarding security. These would include, he said, collecting weapons, outlawing terror organizations, unifying Palestinian Authority security groups in one group and ending incitement against Israel, which requires, among other things, the removal of regional maps that do not show Israel on them and elimination of anti-Israel textbooks from Palestinian schools.

These seem like reasonable requests if the Palestinian side is sincere about ending decades of war. More than words and signed documents ought to be required. Israel is being pressured to give up more land. When it has done so before, the gestures have not brought Israel closer to peace but allowed for more war to be made from the relinquished territory in order that more territory might be gained on the road to Israel's obliteration. Such remains the stated goal oozing from every Palestinian pore.

The German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said, "What experience and history teach is this -- that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it." Useful idiots continue to accept new promises built on a foundation of previously broken promises. This is what makes them useful. It is also what makes them idiots. Israel has waited in vain for Palestinian deeds to live up to their words, agreements, covenants, promises and pledges. At what point should it be concluded that the Palestinian leadership and so many of their people have a definition of peace that begins and ends with the annihilation and elimination of Israel?

We hear about "enemies of peace" who would destroy the "peace process." Peace, like happiness, is not an objective to be pursued. Peace and happiness are byproducts of nations deciding they will study war no more and lay down their arms and hostile intentions.

The Bush administration now proposes to pay "protection money" to the Palestinian Authority in amounts that would make even the Mafia blush with embarrassment. Until now, the United States has provided aid only to social service projects that don't support the Palestinian Authority (PA) in areas controlled by the PA. That unaudited aid totaled $100 million annually until it was increased this year to $200 million. It was restricted to social services because of the PA's record of misappropriating the funds and sponsoring terrorism. According to The New York Times (July 1), the administration now plans to provide hundreds of millions of dollars directly to the PA.

Morton Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, said, "It is appalling that a president who has vowed to put an end to terrorist regimes around the world now plans to give U.S. taxpayers' dollars directly to a corrupt terrorist regime."

Why should the enemies of Israel (and America) disarm when they can get the United States to subsidize their murderous ways? This makes the United States the biggest and most useful idiot in history, which in its secular mindset does not understand the depth of the Palestinians' "religious mandate" or their commitment to fulfilling a prophecy of their own making.