Squaring Off Against Islam

Posted: Jul 16, 2007 2:38 PM
Squaring Off Against Islam

Some people used to refer to Ronald Reagan as the Teflon president because no matter how much mud his political foes threw at him, nothing stuck. That was because he was so much wiser, more principled, charming and charismatic, than his left-wing detractors.

These days, those who seem to come equipped with Teflon are the world’s Islamics. What’s so mystifying about this is that they share none of Reagan’s finer qualities. Theirs is a religion which calls for the domination of all others, and yet the majority of Christians, Jews, atheists and agnostics, continue treating them with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Frankly, I don’t think it’s even appreciated. Instead, I believe it’s perceived as fear and cowardice.

Although Muslims are committing acts of barbarism all over the globe, our leaders continue paying lip service to the followers of Allah. These people blow up trains, planes and pizza parlors, and the British prime minister orders his cabinet members never to use the term “Islamic terrorists,” while our own president and secretary of state feel compelled to keep reminding us that Islam is a religion of peace. Funny how often they need to keep reminding us. When is the last time that anybody needed to be told that Buddhism, for instance, or Shintoism is a religion of peace? Do we require constant reassurance that the Amish mean to do us no harm? But, then, when’s the last time that a Buddhist blew up a busload of children?

In America, there appear to be far more chowderheads who fear the followers of Christ than of Muhammad. It gives me a headache trying to psychoanalyze the liberals who side with the so-called Palestinians against the Israelis, when Israel is an ally of ours, is a nation of laws and is, unlike all the Islamic tyrannies, a western-style democracy.

I fear that millions of our fellow citizens are as gullible as little kids. But instead of believing in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, these lunkheads choose to believe that what the members of Fatah and Hamas desire is to simply live in freedom in their own homeland. When Yasser Arafat was offered that very thing, he left Camp David in a huff. What the Muslims want is to destroy Israel for no other reason than that it’s inhabited by Jews. Once they finish the job begun by Hitler, the different factions can then get back to doing what Islamists do best -- namely, killing off one another.

Some Americans, the truly befuddled, actually believe that what the rest of us recognize as Islam’s intolerance of all non-Muslims is actually a matter of economics. But, then, that’s what Communists, Socialists and other assorted loonies, always think. Because they have no morals themselves, they like to think that economic deprivation is the basis of all violence. They believe it’s poverty that leads Muslims to be suicide-bombers, but fail to explain how killing innocent civilians cures that particular problem. They don’t seem to find it peculiar that Osama bin Laden and Yasser Arafat were multi-millionaires, and that those behind the recent plot to set off explosions in London and Glasgow were all a bunch of doctors.

Apologists for Islam will go to any length, no matter how absurd, to spin the truth. They contend, for example, that the initial attack on the Twin Towers and the attack on 9/11 took place because we had waged war against Saddam Hussein, while ignoring the fact that in 1991, we were coming to the defense of Kuwait, a Muslim country under siege by Iraq. Furthermore, when you ask these crazies to explain all the prior Islamic attacks on the U.S., dating back to the Ayatollah Khomeni’s taking hostages in 1979, they suddenly remember they were supposed to be somewhere else half an hour ago.

The fact remains that Muslims hate not only the West, but the five billion non-Muslims on the face of the earth. As for their liberal defenders in this country, the sad truth is that they aren’t really pro-Islam as much as they’re anti-America. Like Muslims, they regard us as the Great Satan. It explains why the same people who openly despise all the symbols of Judaism and Christianity went ballistic over the Korans allegedly being trashed in Guantanamo; and why the ACLU, always so quick to oppose religious displays at Christmas and Chanukah, went to the mat on behalf of the Islamic woman who insisted that her face be veiled on her driver’s license.