Bryan Crabtree

Bryan Crabtree
Trump Must Keep a 'Laser Focus' on Lowering Drug Prices
By Bryan Crabtree
Last week, President Trump took an important step towards lowering drug prices for the American public. By signing into law ...
October 25, 2018
Do You Know How Your Kids Will React in an Active School Shooting?
By Bryan Crabtree
Do you know how your kids will react in an active school shooting?Let me ask you this question again and ...
February 18, 2018
Like Trump, Jerry Lewis Didn’t Believe in Leftist Political Kidnapping
By Bryan Crabtree
We lost a great entertainer this past weekend as Jerry Lewis passed away in Las Vegas at the age of ...
August 22, 2017
The ‘Fakestream' Media
By Bryan Crabtree
The most popular phrase of 2017 will likely be ‘fake news.’It's been used so much that it runs the risk ...
July 19, 2017
Trumpcare v. Obamacare: NOT Life or Death
By Bryan Crabtree
“Two-hundred thousand people are going to die” If we pass the Republicans' Senate healthcare bill. Those words came from Democratic ...
July 17, 2017
Americans Want Someone to Keep Them From Knowing What They Don’t Want to Know
By Bryan Crabtree
Every day there is a new leak about some absolutely normal government or political-leader’s thoughts, communication or connections. For the ...
June 05, 2017
Comey's Vanity Got Him Fired
By Bryan Crabtree
I'm convinced that it was vanity that ultimately brought down FBI director James Comey. What I can't explain is why this ...
May 11, 2017
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