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2010 Race of the Day: Pelosi Puppet Zack Space's Lies

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In Ohio’s 18th Congressional District, the race is quickly heating up between Pelosi Puppet Zack Space and Republican Bob Gibbs.  Consistently polling under the crucial 50% margin, Democrat Zack Space has found himself in hot water as he seeks a third term in Congress. 

In the four years that Space has represented this district, he’s been guilty of gross negligence and misleading constituents.  After lying in television ads, breaking his promise not to take lobbyist money and failing to create jobs, Eastern Ohioans simply cannot trust Zack Space to look out for them.  His record in Washington has been a rubberstamp party-line vote helping Speaker Nancy Pelosi pass more reckless spending and a national energy tax, which will ship jobs out of Ohio.  Of course, he thinks that unemployment isn’t that much of a problem.

State Senator Bob Gibbs has been campaigning hard to deliver his message of job creation, tax relief for the middle class, and reigning in Washington’s reckless spending habits.  After four years of Zack Space, Ohioans are ready for change and a representative who will make their voices heard in Congress.

With Real Clear Politics rating OH-18 as “Lean Republican”, it is clear that Gibbs’s message is resonating with voters.  On Election Day, voters can send a message to Pelosi and her liberal, Washington allies that their agenda has been rejected.

To see results as soon as races are called, don’t forget to follow the NRCC on Twitter to see news as it breaks.

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