2010 Race of the Day UPDATE: New Hampshire’s First Congressional District

Posted: Oct 19, 2010 12:01 AM
2010 Race of the Day UPDATE: New Hampshire’s First Congressional District

Following the September GOP primary, the race in the Granite State’s First Congressional District continues to be one of the must watch campaigns of the cycle.  With Republican Frank Guinta leading in the most recent polling, incumbent Democrat Carol Shea-Porter is desperately attempting to portray herself as independent, despite her stance that Washington Democrats are 100% right.

The current predicament Shea-Porter finds herself in revolves around hypocritical comments made regarding lobbyist donations.  Even though she promised not to take money from “D.C. lobbyists”, a close look at her FEC records reveals the truth.  Shea-Porter didn’t just take one or two contributions, or even attempt to pass it off as an oversight.  The reality is that she has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from sources such as union PACs and others that were supposedly sworn off.  In the end, though, the trouble for Shea-Porter isn’t breaking her pledge; it’s that voters now know more than ever they cannot trust her.

With only two weeks to go, Guinta has been running strong and is ready to give New Hampshire voters the representation they deserve in Washington.  Be sure to keep an eye on this race as we get close to Election Day. 

Original Post (09/22/2010):

New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District is shaping up to be a tight race that is sure to call into question Democratic rubber-stamp Carol Shea-Porter’s ability to effectively represent her constituents.  With challenger Frank Guinta running a tough campaign, this is one New England race that Democrats know could very well switch to the Republican column.

The 1st Congressional District is one of two in New Hampshire, and also happens to be the New England district in which President Obama received the least support, taking in just 53 percent of the vote in 2008.  This district spans several populous areas, as it includes the Manchester area, the Seacoast, and the Lakes Region.   As one of the nine districts in the country with a Cook Partisan Voting Index of Zero – meaning that it’s equally Red and Blue – this is one of the most heated contests in the country.  Combine the fact that Obama barely claimed victory here in 2008 with President Bush’s wins in 2000 and 2004, and you have a stage set for a Republican victory in November.

Carol Shea-Porter was first elected in 2006 when she rode the wave of the anti-establishment sentiment that ran rampant across the country.  She proudly portrayed herself as a staunch anti-war candidate who also happened to be an ardent supporter of a nationalized health care system.  Unfortunately for her constituents, she has made good on her health care promise: She voted for her party’s government-run healthcare legislation, which cuts Medicare benefits, raises taxes and includes an enormous price tag.  But this year promises to be anything but a cake walk for Shea-Porter as her constituents are fed up with her divisive politics and shameful voting record. 

During a time when Americans across the country are disgusted with out-of-control spending and the poor excuse for leadership that is currently in power, Shea-Porter’s in-your-face liberalism is certainly not making her an appealing candidate.  She has proven time and again that she isn’t your everyday Democrat: She’s much further to the left, voting with Nancy Pelosi almost 98% of the time.  A clear sign she has no intention of abandoning her liberal crusade, Shea-Porter has gone so far as to claim she supports her Democrat leaders so often be she thinks “they’re 100 percent right”.

Frank Guinta has the professional experience and the passion for public service that has readied him for this seat.   Having served two terms as the mayor of Manchester and an additional two terms as a state representative, Guinta understands the tax burden that both families and small businesses alike have to face. During his time as a public servant, he has proposed tax cuts, worked tirelessly for zero-based budgeting, made efforts to cut capital spending and pushed for fiscally sound consolidations. 

Unlike Shea-Porter, Guinta identifies with the concerns of conservatives, understanding that out-of-control spending and impending tax hikes is detrimental to our shaky economy.  Additionally, while he acknowledges that the health care industry did need reforming, it certainly did not need to be in the form of a government takeover.  Contrary to his opponent, Guinta values what can come from a well thought out, effective reform, which is certainly not the same as the disaster Shea-Porter helped shove through this spring.

This November, Carol Shea-Porter can be sent back to Washington to continue her reckless spending spree—all done on her constituents’ dime.  But if New Hampshire voters are looking for a more responsible and dedicated candidate, the answer lies in the experienced and dedicated Frank Guinta. 

For more information on New Hampshire’s next Representative, please visit Frank Guinta’s website, or visit his Facebook and Twitter.